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I look into the future of broadcast television with an in-depth analysis of the new ATSC 3.0 broadcast standard for UltraHD video and immersive audio.  I think you'll agree that the future of TV is exciting.

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RBH Sound, has long been on our Audioholics short list of high performance, high value subwoofers.  RBH's Impression Series subwoofers are the company's answer to that high performance, high value tradition.  Read about these new RBH subs that push the price/performance envelope.
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RSL's CG4, CG24, and Speedwoofer 10 multichannel loudspeaker system delivers serious performance in a compact package.  Read my full review.
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Will Yamaha's MusicCast wireless music system revolutionize whole-home streaming?  Check out my in-depth review of Yamaha's major announcement.

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Yamaha's new flagship preamp-processor, the Aventage CX-A5100, brings 64-bit processing power, hi-res audio, and a new streaming ecosystem to the high end market.

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Check out out latest video on Optimizing Front LCR Speaker Placement.

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Marking their return to North America, ELAC has just announced their new #loudspeaker  line, appropriately named The Debut.   The new Debut #speakers  are the first to be designed by Andrew Jones, ELAC America’s Vice President of Engineering, at their new Southern California Design Center.  If ELAC was looking to make a splash back in the #American  scene, this is the way to do it.  Read the full preview at:
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Check out my full #review  of the Classé Sigma SSP processor and AMP5 multichannel Class D #amplifier  that delivers 200WPC.  From their stunning industrial design to their superb sonic performance, these new,  $10,000  installer-friendly separates from Classé are a winner.
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Check out my preview of the RBH Sound Impression Series subwoofers.  $499 for real-world performance down to 23Hz and $699 for performance down to 20Hz makes these new models serious entry level contenders.
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