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World's Biggest Burger - Minnesota casino makes a 1-ton cheeseburger, feeds it to hungry onlookers

+The News Patroller 

Guinness World Records named a new world-record for biggest burger. The casino’s culinary creation was made of buns and a patty that had to be flipped with a crane and contained 60 pounds of bacon, 50 pounds of lettuce, 50 pounds of onions, 40 pounds of pickles and 40 pounds of cheese. In its entirety, the burger weighed in at 2,014 pounds.
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Yess it was in yesterday news on T.V
Wow this is terrible. C'mon guys did you not put any yeast in that dough. lol. Pathetic attempt.
Cool, but does not look very appetizing
+Joe Sanders yes, it is a waste of money when people out there are literally dying for anything to eat. 
Anyway, the burger could have looked much better... it looks more meat sandwiched in Asian flat bread.
I think it is an advertising.They always waste money on none sense.
You got to have a mouth big enough to bite it
Meanwhile, children are starving in Africa... no hope for humanity... 
Come on just one burger don't take us away from humanity.Any way that food never had reached to Africa.It could have just gone in mouth of some politicial or rich fellow.
The wasted money on that pile of crap could have been spent on getting medical supplies, food & clean water to those less fortunate. Yet, people with your same complacency say screw em, let them die... again.. no hope for humanity.
Come on David you are getting yourself upset.You can't stop any one and force them to do right thing.They can't be forced.It is other side of independence.We enjoy profit of freedom.We have to bear it's losses.
I'm guessing McDonald's is the sponsor? Eeesch.
js by lookin at that make me sick....!! ppl wud anything for a record.....record specially this type has nothing spectacular to raise ur eyebrow....!!! wat a waste
Looks just like a McDonald's cheeseburger - somebody sat on it before serving it..
It doesn't even look good. . Looks like a McDonald's burger someone sat on for an hour.
Was it meant for consuption or just showcasing?
huge burger! Wonder what they will do with it?
This is disgusting. In more ways than one.
You had me at "60 pounds of bacon"...
Joe S
Glad ima vegetarian. No wonder obesity rates climbing with junk like that :(
Send it to the starveing kids in africa
What?? No double patty or bacon? This is not a burger.
Made by whole city.realy ?iraqi child dieing .hunger ?
More like world's biggest "cow pie"
What a waste... Should've made biggest burrito!
Mmm mm I'm in the mood for a burger now... Lol
I'm sure that was delicious, from the looks of it  0__o
A casino made that? Looks like a McDonalds burger to me
Which casino in Minnesota was it at
It looks rather hideous.
And flat.
And not like a burger at all.
Reminds me about those ridiculously fat people. This one just has laid down.
It is a waste of resources. These rich countries are very wasteful.  
looks like fat have being jumping on it hahahahahahahaaha
L Derby
Such waste...exactly why so many countries hate us..smh
I  am loving eat yar...........!
Waste of food. Looks foul
what the hell!!!!  
who can eat it?! that's the question!:)))))
somewhere people are dying because of lack of food, somewhere  destroying foods for artificial prestige ! selfish world.
bleeeaaaaahhhhhhhh fhuuuuiiiiii
Seriously, that looks so gross. : (
Gross, dog crap looks more appealing to me.
Hygene could be a bit dodgey. Id rather just look at it i think! Haaa haaaa!
total waste of foods......for a record....
Somewhere in Minn today there is a back up in the sewer system 
That looks bloody disgusting.
I'm no vegetarian, but that looks gross
Allohumma bariklana fiima rozaqtana waqina adzabannar....hemmmmm
Mickey D's wouldnt get a look in :D
Scott A
How many cows is that?
But they need a good hamburger bum designer. The bun looks like chit. And did they forget the secret sauce and a side of fries.
How is this a one ton burger it looks like a couple thousand pounds, its hard to belive a burger can almost weigh as much as a tank
I think I heard a promotion running where if you can finish eating it your family gets to cash in on your life insurance lol.  That doesn't look good at all though. What's up with the bun?
Wasting food because nobody can eat it.
Sai Ram
its like a hot bed!
It shouldn't count unless it was proportionate to an actual cheeseburger, which has a dome shaped top bun, this one just looks flat
Does it come with fries and a Coke?
It looks like the bed-ridden fatties that eat too many cheeseburgers.
To all of the people posting about wasting food, of course it is a huge waste but if you want to see real, sickening waste look at what any restaurant or hospital chuck out on a daily basis! Food returning from wards untouched and deemed unfit for even pigs to eat. I personally, was stunned when I experienced this monstrous waste the level of which is absolutely obscene!!
I saw a news bit about that on TV yesterday, and they were using towels to sop up all the grease from the burger. Disgusting.
gud one..nd ready for 1 months breakfast:-):-):-)
the one us take it a bed ,when you hungry cut and eat
Almost looks as bad as cactus....
ya tons of ppl starving in the world, homeless on the street and this what ppl are doing with food. i got smacked s kid for playing my food and wasting. this was all just for cheap advertising .
Kinda looks like a pile of shit. Appetizing. Oh, and what's the point again?
Kas Jav
What is this...........................
Hey let's spend thousands of dollars on hamburgers that we'll most likely end up throwing out instead of feeding those less fortunate.
What a waste we should have gone for much healthier food say salad
Looks like McDonald's gave them a hand
what are you crack mongers whining about holy crap.... waaaaah they should have used that money from this one promotional stunt to feed the less fortunate...  What about the MILLIONS upon MILLIONS the casino's take in EVERY DAY?!?!?!?

This was done as a promo, like advertising and businesses spend WAY more than that on advertising all of the time.  Get over yourselves you're all stupid....
Worlds Ugliest Burger It's worst than mc Donald's and mc Donald's is not good at all. 
It's cool and all that ... but I think I'd rather try a "Big Kahuna Burger" from Pulp Fiction instead  The Big Kahuna Burger  (minus Samuel L. Jackson that is)  ;)
oh wow what a complete was of food. You know how many people are straving in other countries.
Sorry, but that thing looks gross. Just can't think of it as a burger.
at least try to make it look real
such a big burger 
no dieting ever
Wasting food when America is already the leading country for food wasting.

It looks like a bunch of rubbish covered with a sun-burned nylon.
Great job Minnesota... that looks... delicious?.....  This just in, Adam Richman of Man vs. Food found dead...  In Minnesota... something about a giant burger.
cool who gonna eat that ?

Damn! Jabba the Hut's liposuction treatment went terribly wrong...
I wonder if anyone ate it. Maybe they used a roller knife and cut it into pizza-slices.
i think its enough for molana fazal ur rehmaN :p
inb4 stoners crash in and eat whole burger in 5 minutes thanks to munchies!
Currently on 99p saver menu at mcdonalds.
I feel sick looking at it!
wow ill take five guys over this any day
I can see that indian with the single tear now. 
Civil engineering failure? The burger collapsed lol.
I don't see enough cheese on that burger?
I think they may have one multiple guiness awards
1.  largest waste of time
2.  most unoriginal idea 
3.  nastiest looking burger
D. R.
Waste of time, waste of veggies used. Anything can be news these days..
Actually made my stomach turn!
where's Muscles Glasses when you need him
it seems delicious :D i want some :D
The bun is pathetically thin
where's the sesame seeds?
I wonder if they used an entire cow for the party?
Vegan somewhere is going batshi
This is dumb and a waste. If you must do it, at least do it right. Disgusting.
das the biggest burger ive ever now hungry
and it probably tastes like crap...
Seriously, anybody took a bite out of that??
That looks disgusting
Will L
+Will Carter Considering it has 50 pounds of onions, I don't doubt it...
Ew, looks worse than McDonald's burgers, and those things can look pretty damn bad sometimes.
i got da munchies I' ll bite it
It looks like the mom from Honey Boo Boo.
There is no way in HELL that I would eat something cooked on the back of a Mac Truck. Now a hobo dinner warmed by the engine, OK fine. 
aj sem
im gonna eat that burger when im hungry. ):V
Ok if you are all so worried about waste of food etc, here is what you do. Eat as little as possible of the cheapest food you can purchase or grow. Stay alive by doing this for the rest of your life by doing this. Send every single xtra penny u have to feed the needy elsewhere. Until you do that, u have no place to complain. Waste is waste. U wasted money going to the store when u could have grown a garden. You bought meat at the store instead of having a freezer full of meet from a slaughter house for FAR less. Whatever hypocrites!
give it too me....thn i need nt to buy nythng else fr nxt 2 years...24X7 burger
Sort of looks like a McDonalds burger comes, squished beyond recognition. Only, this burger weighs more than one ton! What's McD's excuse?
I'm going to assume since I know bugger all about Geography, that the location of this mass of god awful patty meat and over-floured bun is somewhere in America. Because lets face it. Only they could do something as retarded as this, a great way to not only waste everyones time as well as a stockyards worth of flour, eggs, meat, vegetables and god awful sauce, but an ingenious way to become a fat piece of shit in one day.

My farewells go out to the hungry eater of this legendary husk of calories and fat in advance. Anyone foolish enough to eat this truckload of shit is going to be dead before getting half way through it.
even though it's flat, can you even take a bite of it?
Did a giant step on it or something?  Would you eat something that's just sitting on a platform?
Way to go on wasting food that could feed thousands of starved people in a third world country!! This makes me embarrassed to be an American. Like +Pep Cookiedoe said, only someone in America could have thought this was a good idea.
lol its made by chinese n i cant see any chinese there...
Oh Oh Think I just saw That Guy from "Falling Down"
It will not delicious.
How many cows did it take to make that?! Must have been a ton of grease coming off if that....literally 
......|||  looks disgusing
it looks ssssweeeet and awsom!!!!!!!!!!
original burger's bun is big t tink so.......dis 1 is too flat...
oh my god!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Heart attack.. Nothing about this sounds good.
that is the bigges food ever !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
U don have 2 b mean! no one is blaming ur country 4 us starving 
that looks unsanitary at best
WTH? Seymour, Wisconsin is gonna be pissed!
I never liked hamburgers to start with and this just makes it worst. the condiments make me want to hurl.
Its so funny ha ha ha ha ha ha  ha ha ha ha ha ha  ha ha ha ha ha ha  ha ha ha ha ha ha  ha ha ha ha ha ha  ha ha ha ha ha ha  ha ha ha ha ha ha  ha ha ha ha ha ha  ha ha ha ha ha ha  ha ha ha ha ha ha 
Ezra M
Hold one sec! I have to puck!
I'm sure somebody will make much bigger burger to beat this one.
what king of food is this?its look like nasty...
Isn't that what Americans routinely eat?
And there's the real story/picture of America. Freedom ... to eat whatever garbage crap you want and then blame someone else when you can't get off the couch ....
Typical humans :P Breaking pointless records rather than helping others with starvation and such.
Im sure the cows would be proud of this. Great way to ensure that money isnt better spent. Time well wasted if you ask me.
Chick-Fil-A should use this to promote chicken...
make sure next time you make one of these to have...
lots of cheese
and last but not lest...TONS OF BACON!!!
That's what an ant would see if someone dropped a plain hamburger from McDonald's. It doesn't look very appetizing 
I'd like the chap that ate that sitting haha.
I beat the meat tastes like cardboard... I also like the idea that people make these massive things to feed fat people, when that burger could feed a tribe in Africa for a week... TOLL ON CHEF! Troll on...
Now I'm a full on carnivore, but that makes me want to try some vegetables. Is this an attempt to promote vegetarian lifestyles? Cause it's working.
Humans fought their way to the top of the foodchain... for this?
Yep... What a terrible presentation 
Wasted food that could help feed others.
Jun HU
waste of food
Has anyone done the "Meanwhile in Africa..." meme yet?  If not, allow me to be the first.   :/
..........................big burger
Derek needs to learn how to write. Go back to school and learn how to put a paragraph together.
I'm sorry but burgers don't scale well.  That is disgusting!
I mean imagin how strong that bread would have to be to hold all that meat up..Like nylon or rayon.You wouldnt b able to chew it.
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