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Contact Information
Contact info
San Francisco Art Exhibitions

  Once a week we exhibit new artwork from San Francisco, Bay Area artists. We work with film makers, visual artists, musicians, performing artists, and photographers. Receive invites to hangouts for live performances of BOBHA THEORY, an ongoing multidisciplinary performance piece.  Attend virtual art receptions where you can interact directly with the artists. 

What is The ND Project?
  The ND Project hopes to expand collective consciousness through an online exhibition of artwork.  We strive to exhibit art to the largest most diverse audience possible (free of charge).  We hope to accomplish this goal through a collaborative online exhibition.  

Why does The ND Project use YouTube?  
  1.  Some people not familiar with the arts may be uncomfortable in an designated art venue.  YouTube provides a relaxed, inviting environment which will hopefully attract a larger audience.
  2. YouTube was engineered to flow seamlessly across all digital devices.  Smartphones and mobile devices are used most often to access our channel.  
  3. YouTube is free of charge, allowing for a large diverse pool of participants.  
  4. The ability to continuously exhibit artwork make YouTube a great platform for connecting artists, organizations, and art goers.  

What role does G+ play? 
  Google plus allows continuous communication, which facilitates expanding collective consciousness.  This in turn will hopefully inspire collaboration among artists, organizations, and art goers.

Sounds interesting, where can I learn more?
  You can start by viewing The ND Project channel  To get answers to specific questions, or to learn how to take the next step, simply reply via email.

I want to participate, how do I get listed on The ND Project?
  Reply via email with a link to you or your organizations work.  

Are their other ways to help , or get involved?
  Organizations and individuals can forward this page.  Our goal is to connect the San Francisco art community.