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Brief description of the Summer camp followed by:

This Summer Give Your Child “The Gift of Mindful Living” – The Skills that kids need to master most in today’s evolving & challenging times


By The Mind Research Foundation

Enriching Young Minds for a Rewarding. Meaningful & Fulfilling Life

Our Methodology: Educating kids about the power of their own brains in a light, unique and fun-filled environment through games, Activities, Instruction & Sharing

Created and delivered by a Master Team of experienced doctors & trained professionals in the field of Psychology!

Expected Program Outcomes – THE BRAIN GAIN

· Understanding Brain Basics
· Raised Concentration and self-awareness levels

· Increased ability to focus and pay attention

· Increased memory , concentration and retention power

· Reduced stress , anxiety and prevalent behavior problems

· Improved happiness levels and sense of calm – appreciation for life

· Resilience building
· Increase in observation skill

· Tuning out of distractions

· Cultivation of creativity

· Raised empathy and compassion

· Better conflict-resolution skills

· Better emotional regulation and impulse control

· Skilful responses to difficult emotions

Starting from: 1st week of April 2016

Duration (of camp/workshop): 2 weeks ( Monday to Friday; 1.15 hours class)

Age Group: 7 years and above

Venue: Center Address: 318A, 100 Feet Road Indiranagar, Bangalore, Karnataka, India-560038

Timings: 12:00 noon & 3:00 pm

Fee: INR 3000

USP: (what are the benefits of taking up this particular summer course)

Mindfluence A Mindfulness Program created by the Mind Research Foundation helps young minds to live a balanced life in awareness, curiosity, connection, and love. Our aim is to help children acquire vital social and emotional learning skills while developing an Understanding of their Own Brain and The Power of their Own Thoughts!!

Contact details: +91-80-2520-2055, +91-80-9596-7889, +91-80-9590-1369, +91-78-1300-4040
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Understand #Diabetes and handle it better.

Download our Diabetes Support Group mobile app

Watch "How to worry less?" Video:
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Understand #Cancer and related stress.

Download our Cancer Support Group mobile app

Watch Emotional Well Being Video:
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Understand #Obesity and the reasons for it.

Download our Obesity Support Group mobile app

Watch Mindful Eating Video:
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