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New in #Themer: Radiance. A colorful, clean setup that brings life to any phone. 
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+Bill Surowiecki it's so smooth, how easy would it be for all players to be like this?
Out of interest, that's EW right? Why does Zooper have a delay, while EW is lightning quick?
+Marco Agas There is a delay actually. The first time you fire up the music with the play button, there will be a delay. 

Zoopers delay is a bit worse due to the draw time being needed for the widget. Remember that Zooper renders everything in a widget as a single image. Ew on the other hand renders each layer of a widget as its own bitmap. If you made a simplistic Zooper widget with only a few layers, it will likely have less of a delay. 

This is actually three widgets stacked on top of each other. EW based Coverart+color tile on the bottom, Zooper in the middle with a transparent section to see the coverart behind it, and then EW based Play/Pause controls on the top. 

This is all much easier to accomplish in Zooper with MU, but this is proof of concept that some very interesting, and dynamic music widgets can be made with EW. 
+Bill Surowiecki well it's bloody brilliant. I was able to change the woman's face without any hassle (I know you did your magic there too). This could be a potential video tutorial: "Creating Music Widgets for Themer". Thoughts? It would certainly reduce the "music lag" complaint.
Yea, I think this would be a good idea. 
We need more dynamic stuff like this.
Some people here in the office consider type of thing "fluff" and not too important. I dont feel that way at all. I think users do notice and appreciate this level of work and interaction in their themes. 

Im really not sure how I was the first person to think of using the playpause layer in EW to accomplish all of this. Whats funny is that short of the coverart layer every other layer in both the EW widgets are playpause layers either picture or font based. 

Id be happy to walk you through building this, so a nice video can be produced. 
+Bill Surowiecki could you possibly send me a brief email of the widget composition? I could do it myself, but I don't want to confuse people. Trust me, end users find this very important. IMHO having it like this theme, and then switching to another theme, I'd rather change tracks using my notification bar.
+Ed Smith Thanks, what did you think of the music widget? I didnt have MU installed to see how yours was displayed, so I just kind of took a shot in the dark, and tried to keep with the aesthetic of WebOS.

BTW that new weather iconset I made is pretty nice. Much more lightweight than Climacons. Feel free to use it.  
Im also in love with the little Gmail icon I made... I cant see myself using anything but it for a while. 
+Ed Smith Yea it was intended to just be a small sliver of the cover art and the controls to the side. 

As I told Marco, this is done in 3 widgets stacked on top each other. 

Bottom - EW - Coverart and Color tile as a play pause layer
Middle - Zooper - Main bar with transparent section for coverart
Top - EW - Music controls. EVERY layer is a play pause layer with its hotspot changed to the according function. 
+Marco Agas Let me try to finish porting this current theme, and Ill shoot you over an email describing the build. 
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