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Full Service Marketing, SEO, SEM, Social Media, Mobile Marketing and Web Development


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What we have found interesting this week: 

1. #mediatoolsExploring   +RebelMouse platform,  basically You & your brand all in aggregaitor, meets blog meets social id ownership.

2 #advertising  -  Facebook collecting superbowl related posts and users into custom audience for advertisers to gain live time exposure.

2. Time to go for the DYI set!
Time Inc. launches Snug, with heavy dyi set loved  Ikea as native ad partner

3. Google community: Social Business - unlike some communities there is very good engagement, sharing and participation within this community #socialbusiness

4. #linkedInHow   To: We often see people struggle with their LinkedIn Profile most likely due to its depth but somewhat disjointed services and UI. Here is a beginner how to from +Social Media Examiner on setting up your profile to help you with your marketing efforts.
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Find what your google-ing for by u sing search operators . Print and pin for future reference.
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Managing data & teams helps you stay on track... otw... you may be constantly chasing your tail... Check out Lifehacker's list of collaboration tools submitted by users.  Do you use one of them?  #projectmanagementsoftware  
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What are we thinking about lately palooza?

Youtube rolling out, giving channels more control over comments! Yea, our two fav's are!
A. Moderate before live view, stop words .. helps with comment spam
B. Private, G+ circle only, or Public settings

Why, you should consider a redesign - Is your engine up to the drive?

Even though most don't see the mechanics of what drives their online rank, social discovery and more.... the engine that drives your home base "website" ... is changing at lightning speeds... which is Why your media, marketing, or agency... suggests upgrades, redesigns and more.. its to keep your vehicle on the road and in the fast lane vs. stuck on the shoulder and out of gas...

A. Flexible, responsive sites,, vs. mobile plugin redirects.
B. In the code - meta tag and code changes to help search & audience find you.  These are upgrades that you don't want to cobble in...
C. Social Signals & Engagement both onsite and off all factor into your rank and discover-ability. Website should tie in both by code/accounts your engagement networks and encourage participation from your audience and customers...

1. Have you checked out your page Incites? They have ramped up their "analytics and data back-end for you to see what matters to your "likers" .  This is cool because it quickly helps you to see what actually matters to your audience.

2. Social search ....Have you tried typing in a query in the FB search bar yet?   Example: People who like XXXXX and live in XXXX ...  ( or other type of specific query associations) This can not only help you to engage but discover interests for topics to write about,,,, find competitors... and more.

3. Facebook now has hashtags. ( Twitter, to G+ use them too) Use your #hashtags to help you surface your information on search,, many users are adopting and using "#searchterm" to help them find information. 

Plus the platforms also utilized them as signals to your channels topic's and relevancy... Plus, search ranking wise,

 Since your channels should be tied into your website, then all the spokes pointing at you .. relate to what you do, talk about and are.. adding to your website "creditability and topic relevance" aka helps you rank..

Have a great day, we hope you find some valuable nuggets in our share... Always,, if you have a question feel free to ask.  #onlinemarketing #facebooktips #youtubecomments

ps tip:. Notice the hash tags immediately above?  They relate to post content - make sure not to over use hashtags, aka like keyword stuffing it may not only annoy your audience but harm your rank as well.
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Take a hit on your website traffic?  References curration to the latest google updates that may be impacting your traffic.

It's a one two waddle of the flock of updates:  2.1 & 5

Google Penguin 2.1 (10-4)

Penguin 5 "Spam Filtering?"
*collection of tips on how to deal with updates

Authorship - asset association : tying into images too

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With panda roll outs and  linking warnings...... here is top 10 list that may help you + if used responsibly may help you during the quickly changing times
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Adwords & Analytics,,, tighter communication between tools + it helps you to make smarter, faster decisions  - Nice primer on using analytics to weight & measure
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Google & G+ Roundup:  Lots of dust and renovations happening in the Big G, compiled a list of whats interesting, for measuring your business efforts, reaching out through ads and more.

Google  changing at the speed of sound:
"Double Click connecting digital "

"Auction insights" see how you stack up against competition

"Enhanced Campaigns" - Upgrading & why you should

Adword tip - if bidding broad match  keyword while will deliver more randomized results can help focus by adding
keyword +location +descriptive kw to help narrow

"Analytics" running a server side experiment

"G+ related pages widget in gmail "

G+ Dashboard for business ( verified accts)
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Tag your it!  Google tag manager, install code and centrally manage tags that deploy across multiple tools and services from your google tag manager account ( even your website) #googletagmanager #googletools  
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