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Honest and Over Sharing
Honest and Over Sharing

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How to Improve Your Flat Roof
Whether you like your flat roof or not, you may have never realised it's full potential before. If you have a flat roof then you have a rather fantastic opportunity, and that opportunity alluminium roof lanterns  otherwise known as sky lights. Installing ro...

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How to use natural light to your advantage
I live in a new build home, and as of August we will have been here for a year. The time has really flown by and even now 11 months later, I haven't managed to get everything I wanted to get done, done since the move. In honesty it took me a long time to fi...

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A New Found Confidence
Leo is now 6, and you can really see just how grown up he has become. I have found myself at a crossroads in terms of what I can share online, of course I will continue to share his journey, but when I post things now I have to sit back and consider if Leo ...

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Things to think about before committing to a puppy
This time next month, I will have had Lux for an entire 12 months. 1 whole year. Seriously though, what year it has been.  Has it been easy? HAHAHA. No. Has it been hard? In a word....YES. Has it been stressful? Yup. Has it been eye opening? Hell yes. Would...

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Creating extra space in the family home
Yesterday I decided that I was going to give the living room a bit of a shuffle round, I have spoken before about the set up I have in this particular room. It is where the family comes together to relax at the end of a busy day, and it is also my personal ...

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Choosing a new bed for your child
It's been almost a year since Leo and I moved into our new home, which means that Leo has had the new bed that he begged and pleaded for, for less than 12 months. The beautiful thing about children is that one minute they absolutely love the idea and then t...

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The ideal car for a dog?
I have been thinking about getting a new car for a while now, and with the addition of our spotty dog Lux, the practicality of keeping a Mini Convertible seemed slim to none. Imagine if you will, one rather large Dalmatian, riding around in luxury on my lea...

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Young and Old Fun in
Video games have evolved
drastically during the past few decades. When my husband and I were young, we
played some of the first arcade games—you know, six-foot-tall gaming machines
in actual arcades. Those seemingly ancient devices provided countless hours ...

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Leo Turns SIX
  It doesn't matter what you do, time is going to pass.  Days, weeks, months and subsequently years too. The reason I started blogging all of those years ago was to capture those fleeting moments in time, the kind that appear before your eyes if only for a ...
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