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For the past 8 years, we built and ran a global Community of Practice of 1500 senior leaders for one of the largest companies in the world.

They learn how to lead from each other, and from our 'micro lessons', in just five minutes a day. It's the new way to develop your leaders. And we pioneered it.

Here Tracy Robbins, former EVP of HR at IHG, explains why they introduced this new way of developing leaders at IHG:

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In this day and age, we cannot assume that one style of Leadership Development works for all.

We need to question the fact if the Leadership Development that we run is fit for today's learner.

Click here to find out what the modern learner's need:

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Leadership is example, we learn best from authentic leaders we admire.

In this video, the late Warren Bennis, dubbed the 'Dean of Leadership' by the Financial Times, gets to the heart of leadership development.

Click here to watch the short 2 minute video:

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Successful collaboration requires strong leadership and management skills.

Social Leadership is the ability to bring people together, facilitate agreements and drive efforts in the same direction.

There are 9 Components of Social Leadership.

Leaders who embody these traits are often the most widely-respected amongst their peers.

Here is a short infographic of the 9 Components of Social Leadership:

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Carrots and Sticks drive a negative, competitive culture. 3 Factors to better #performance and #personalsatisfaction

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Two frank stories on dealing with the Impostor Syndrome and keeping your life balance from one of the world's most influential women.

Read the full blog post:

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In this day and age, we are constantly overwhelmed by information. Have you stopped to question if your LMS fit for today's learner?

As a learning professional in an organisation, question yourself, if you were in the learners shoes, would you want to do what is being offered to you? We already know that not all learning will be consumed, however learners also want to learn outside the framework that we provide them.

Here's an infographic that you might find interesting:

Our model is, continuous learning, collaborating with peers, with sharp micro-lessons that earn their attention in this attention-based economy. Check us out here if you are interested in our thinking:

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Normal measurements for success in leadership development, even in online learning, are time based - the more time spent learning, the more successful. It's an 'attendance-based model'.

What if you design a learning system that accepts that 1% and works with it, instead of fighting it. One percent of a working day is about 5 minutes (8 hours x 60 x 1%).

Leadership development in five minutes a day:

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Carol Dweck highlights two starkly opposing mindsets that have a huge impact on how we all perform at work: the Fixed mindset, and the Growth mindset.

A person with the Fixed mindset believes their qualities, personality and skill are 'given' standards. They are a hand that you are dealt with no say in the matter.

They also tend to think of themselves in a fixed way - as a 'success' or as a 'failure', often. Or as a mediocre performer.

A person with the Growth mindset believes their performance can always be improved; they are confident they can learn their way into a skill.

Take 2-minutes to read this and decide as a leader if you'd like your team and organisation to be on the course of a growth mindset:

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