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The Last Boeing Inspector Extant. The only real oversight of Boeing's quality system.
The Last Boeing Inspector Extant. The only real oversight of Boeing's quality system.


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Boeing Celebrates 100 Years of Building Something Worse Than Required

Today marks 100 years since Boeing was incorporated on July 15th, 1916 in Seattle, Washington. That would be something significant to celebrate for any ethical company in the world. Sadly, that is not the case in Boeing's situation, with Boeing long being run by a corrupt cabal of management that continues to engage in various fraudulent business practices that have cost at least 750 lives so far, with many more deaths and injuries undoubtedly to come via that quality assurance fraud documented on this website.

Add to that fraud (that I witnessed for almost ten years as an inspector at Boeing) the vast network of fraud that I also witnessed after Boeing as an inspector, and there is even less reason to celebrate Boeing's Centennial.

And also add to those frauds the many other ways Boeing management has intentionally defrauded its employees, our environment, other companies, states, and all levels of our federal government, including our military, and this date is no longer anything worthy of celebrating by anyone except by the corrupt management of Boeing for mostly getting away with their copious fraud schemes as noted on this website and thereby enriching themselves.

Sadly, no one else has any reason to celebrate the longevity of the various frauds Boeing has engaged in and continues to engage in, unless they are capable of the extreme cognitive dissonance that would allow them to do so.

Of course, the employees at Boeing who do an honest days work and do not advance their management's many frauds have reason to celebrate their years of doing so. However, that would have nothing to do with the Centennial of the fraudulent enterprise they do that good work for. Many such workers do exist at Boeing, however many would be surprised at just how many Boeing workers are aware of the various frauds engaged in by Boeing and its suppliers, from the massive rollerstamping fraud that makes quality and safety assurance at Boeing a joke, to the various schemes to overcharge governments and other customers, to the methods used to bribe government officials to look the other way and make decisions favorable to Boeing.

Until the current parasitic cabal that runs Boeing is totally replaced with ethical and hopefully more competent management, each additional year of existence of the company under that management should be mourned, not celebrated. For if the fraud obsessed management currently in place at Boeing is not replaced, the only other acceptable alternative for the flying public, troops, and taxpayers would be for the company to die and cede the marketplace to ethical companies that do not rely on fraud to succeed in the marketplace as Boeing does.

However, Boeing's corrupt management will no doubt still celebrate Boeing's 100 years of building something worse than required in order to defraud their customers and illegally line their pockets.

So, sadly, Boeing's Centennial of fraud and corruption is nothing to celebrate at all, less those managers--just the opposite.
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Boeing's Delegation Without a Cause

What has also proven to me, in addition to the info on the New Fraud, Same as the Old Fraud Page, that the same quid pro quo fraud negating quality and safety requirements is still engaged in today by Boeing and FAA Management, is the news of FAA Management continuing to delegate their oversight responsibilities to unreformed and corrupt Boeing Management.

The results of this fraudulently gotten delegation has been in the news of late, with Will Jordan's excellent article about corrupt Boeing Management immediately abusing that delegation as soon as they got it.

They pressured the assigned FAA designees on certification projects to buy off designs that weren't as safe as required, and bypassed them if they refused to do so.

An embarrassing case study for Boeing in their constant efforts to subvert the integrity of their certification and production processes is the 787 battery fire debacle. Boeing was delegated too much certification responsibility on the new program, and then Boeing immediately delegated that wrongly gotten delegation to suppliers, who delegated part of that responsibility to sub-tier suppliers.

Whether that responsibility for certification responsibility for the battery system was officially delegated or not does not matter. Boeing's extremely lax oversight over the whole process effectively resulted in those suppliers self-certifying the battery and the charging system because no real, independent system of oversight over the design and testing process existed because Boeing subverted that oversight to save money and reduce the flow time of the project.

It's the same everywhere you look in corrupt Boeing Management: "How can we cut corners to cut costs and flow times," "how can we illegally bypass required processes the customer won't notice to make the next quarter's promised numbers," "Joe is becoming a problem by not being flexible enough on requirements to sign off on the project so we can get this project back on schedule and under cost--let's reassign him, find a reason to fire him, or go around him to meet those targets and get our bonuses."

Because of Boeing's undeserved delegation by their FAA, at least two plane loads of people narrowly escaped death. Unfortunately, that means nothing to wholly corrupt Boeing Management, whose similar fraud has resulted in at least 750 deaths so far. You have to go back to the heyday of the Mafia to find a more callous to the deaths they have caused management of an organization in American history.

Will Jordan's excellent article puts a spotlight on the continuing fraud going on in all of Boeing's improperly delegated responsibilities, from quality assurance to certification of designs to certification of the airworthiness of each largely uninspected and defect riddled Boeing plane.

Every delegation by the FAA to Boeing has been improperly gotten thanks to the quid pro quo revolving door hiring by Boeing of key FAA Management over the decades. And every one of those undeserved delegations has immediately been illegally subverted to the extent criminally possible to reduce production and certification flow times and costs.

​Considering this, it is long past time that all of Boeing's delegations be immediately cancelled and Boeing beginning again on a long, long road to actually earning those delegations before they are given to them. This will require the hiring of several thousand new uncorrupted FAA employees to do all inspections at Boeing and its similarly corrupted and unoverseen supplier base, as well as all design oversight functions.

This must be done immediately no matter how much and how long it disrupts production at Boeing. If done, Boeing may actually have a shot at building more than the unsafe and defect riddled garbage they currently almost build in their next 100 years, as well as have a shot of surviving as a company for the next 100 years.
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There is No Quality in Boeing Quality

I found out recently during research for the New Fraud, Same as the Old Fraud Page some startling information.

It seems the de-evolution and subversion of Boeing's quality system for ever more and more illegally gained bottom line cash continues apace by Boeing Management to this day. They don't even try to hide the subversion of their quality system via management changes to eliminate its independence and effectiveness in ensuring the quality and safety of Boeing airplanes anymore.

It's quite evident, even on public websites such as You would think that the Vice President of Quality at Boeing would be the most expert person in BCA about quality and quality requirements, with many years of rising through the quality organization management ranks, and even before management, having experience in quality from a line employee level and progressively upward during each promotion.

However, when you look at the resume of the current V.P. of Quality at Boeing, Lindsay Anderson, you will find the opposite is true. He had no experience in Quality before he became V.P. of Quality. You may be dumbfounded at this news, but it proves everything I experienced at Boeing and what you'll read throughout this site. At Boeing, Quality is only a shell organization, meant to give only the appearance that Boeing is meeting its quality and safety requirements, and nothing more. That is why they put someone who knows nothing about the importance and intricacies of a quality assurance program in that role.

But it's even worse than that. Mr. Anderson not only had no experience in Quality before he was made V.P. of it by corrupt Boeing Executive Management, he actually was in the one job at Boeing most adverse to quality by ensuring the most uninspected Boeing airplanes at Boeing delivered on time no matter what was threatening to hold their deliveries up.

Obviously, therefore, Mr. Anderson is equivalent to the Mr. Anderson from "The Matrix" movies that tries to corrupt the system from within by taking it over.

He was most recently Boeing V.P. of 737 Field Operations and Delivery.

737s are some of the the most quality compromised airplanes Boeing delivers. Only some work on 737s is partially inspected depending on which day of the week it is (sad but true--that is just some of what the corrupted FAA allows). It is far, far worse than other Boeing airplane programs where every installation is "pretend inspected," rather than just an "installation of the week" being pretend inspected.

In that role, he was the "enforcer" who visited Boeing managers on the field when the delivery of a 737 within the contract month threatened to not occur, potentially threatening Boeing not getting paid on time for that plane. The threat of him showing up to find out what was holding a delivery up was as equivalently stressing as a mafia boss "Guido" showing up at one of his factories to find out why his bootleg booze delivery was being held up, with the same consequences. A Boeing manager's body may similarly never be seen again anywhere at the vast expanse of the worldwide Boeing enterprise after such a visit by Mr. Anderson.

He assured over 2400 737 on schedule deliveries that way, decidedly not by ensuring the quality of those 737s. In fact, an ethical and effective quality assurance organization would have been his enemy in reaching those goals. However, since Quality is almost totally subverted at Boeing and is only the noted corrupt shell organization, he didn't have to fight any such hypothetically ethical quality organization at Boeing during any of those deliveries.

What's even more surprising about Mr. Anderson's history at Boeing is that he wasn't ever an aerospace engineer when Boeing hired him. He was just a chemical engineer. What did he engineer while at Boeing? Fire retardant fabrics?

His real expertise at Boeing seems to be as a "fixer" in Boeing Management willing to do anything to get the job done. That is why he rose to the purely figurehead position of the V.P. of the shell organization that is Quality at Boeing where he only had to give the appearance of performing a job that Boeing Executive Management does not want done. Maintaining Boeing's corrupt relationship with the FAA is probably the most important part of his job. From that corrupt relationship all other "value adding" noncompliance at Boeing flows.

Boeing looks like it has completed the subversion of the entire quality system by this appointment of the veritable fox in a hen house.

This appointment shows the extreme level of arrogance in Boeing Executive Management in effectively killing the quality assurance organization in public view with it.

It is a perfect illustration of Boeing Management's lack of any respect for the quality and safety assurance processes they are supposed to comply with as a cost of entry into the commercial airplane market.

As long as unqualified hacks like Mr. Anderson are put in management offices critical to the quality and safety of Boeing airplanes, there is no hope that the first minimally quality and safety compliant Boeing airplane will one year roll out of Boeing factory doors.

Indeed, there is no quality at all in the highest management level in Boeing Commercial Airplanes Quality.

And that is fine with corrupt Boeing Executive Management.
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