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My RIght Rooms in My Virtual Conservative Home
My RIght Rooms in My Virtual Conservative Home


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Please welcome the new addition to my "Off the Beaten Path in New Media:" SamePageNation!
Walk to Step 3 and check it out!
h/t +SamePageNation cc: +KellyJaye Pratt 

#Preborns to the Highest Bidder~ new videos uploaded to "TheKellyJaye" & #PPSellsBabyParts

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Happy ‪#‎ConstitutionDay‬ 2014! I was inspired this year to post a few blogs. Ck it @

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I was so impacted from a message I got today from my dear friend Dennis J Fontana via Truth Talk with Dennis J, I could not move forward without writing about it, and sharing it with my connections. Please check it out and pay it forward if you were as moved as I was ...

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Sometimes you got to wear your heart on your sleeve to prove you are human.  #conservative #truth #honesty #tcot

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To my virtual Social and/or Fiscal Conservatives, Constitutionalists, Libertarians, and/or right-leaning Independent friends:

I have almost completed "The KellyJaye," a conservative, right-leaning website project that I have been noodling on for a while.

Many know that I love to research, research, research, and sharing what I find with others. I may be channeling Agatha Christie or Sherlock Holmes (well, more like Watson). Knowledge is power, and that 'power' is free for all. Unfortunately, for those who are corrupted by that power, would rather control others by various means and the byproduct is that people will not seek the truth themselves. As long as people are convinced they have no time, are not smart enough, it's pointless, etc. then the corrupt will always be in control.

With that out of the way, you may be wondering, what the heck is different and why should I look. Well, I utilize something called Roojoom. It's similar to Pinterest but with a lot more utility. I consider Roojooms the rooms in my virtual conservative home.

Its mission is to educate, empower and motivate.

What I have provided is based on a plethora of resources, but just because I provide you some links does not make me anymore authoritative than the next Joe with an opinion. Please do your own research even if that means going to a physical library to help formulate your own opinions. Keep in mind, anything you see on the project, is based on my opinion. Final content is on me which is influenced by my personal beliefs, some which can change over time.

So, why bother? I am hoping that something provided here will trigger more than a dismissive "hmmmm...,"and be important enough to you to look into how you are being influenced, and get you start digging for the actual raw truth.

Please take a look here:
==> to find out more.
==> Feel free to peruse around my 'rooms.'
==> Provide comments on my FB page or use the Contact Form on my website
Please note, the Calendar is still a no critisms yet (lol)
==> If you feel it is "worthy," please:
- Subscribe to my "Deep Thoughts," ranging from my rants to raves of the current events.
- Like my FB Page
- Follow me on Twitter,
- Add me to your Google Circle(s)

For Liberty, Freedom, and Truth!
God Bless,
KellyJaye Pratt

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At the Rally for Common Sense on October 12th, 2013, we were privileged to have Noah O'Grady from "Gun Smart Kids" speak to the patriots in attendance. Noah is nine years old who has been shooting guns since he was five. No surprise that his family is pro Second Amendment, and it is evident that his parents are raising their children in "common sense" fashion.

As originally published on 10/16/2013 on Jefferson County Tea Party

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Have we not raised a generation of entitlement seekers, victims, whiners and elitists?
During the ‘tech boom,’ we encouraged a generation to believe they do not have to roll up their sleeves and work hard to achieve their goals.
We did not reject the Federal involvement in the banking and housing industry during the Clinton years, creating a generation of minorities who they have to be on the government’s teat in order to have anything of merit.
We continue to vote for those who promise to make our lives easier, convincing us there is always something and/or someone else to blame for our lot in life.
We are a confused and screwed up lot. Our leaders are a screwed up lot. We are not sure who we are and what we want. Hence, this Country has and continues to have what we have had over the last four years. Well, except for a President who now has nothing to lose – no pending re-election, feeling free to employ unconstitutional powers he accused and bemoaned his predecessor of using; “Never again!” we were told........

As originally posted on 01/12/2013 at Jefferson County Tea Party

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The true history of America does not support our current Administration's ideology. Did you realize that, in at least the public education system, the facts regarding how the majority of white Americans have always fought for the rights of black Americans are being dropped or altered in our children's lessons?

*Originally published 02/15/2012 at Jefferson County Tea Party*
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