How to serve and eat raw fava beans
Fava beans is a typical spring legume. In Italy we have the habit to serve them raw often combined with cheese and other food.
A perfect example is fava beans and Pecorino cheese (traditional recipe in Rome and central part of Italy).
On the first of May Romans have one of the first  picnic of the warm season and this is the occasion to taste this fantastic finger food.
You can shell fava beans and cut cheese together with your friends  or you can prepare fava and Pecorino platter so your guests can take them easily as we show you in the photo below.
Serve this recipe in different occasions:
- as aperitivo with a good-quality red wine (happy hour)
- as appetizers to start a meal
- to close your meal (before the dessert)
- as a snack in the afternoon
- in a meal, buffet-style!
You can prepare it simply as I have just described or in other ways.
For example Romans have the habit to add salami or bacon slices too.
Here's another recipe idea! Clean and wash some tender green  salad and season it with olive oil, salt and fresh onions, finely sliced. Serve it with Pecorino, fava beans and salami. Yummy!
In every case remember to serve this dish with bread.
Enjoy this dish with your friends and show them how well you know the art of Italian cooking!  =_^
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