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The Intentional Blogger
A blog about blogging! Tips, Tricks and Networking opportunities.
A blog about blogging! Tips, Tricks and Networking opportunities.

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Happy Friday and two days after Christmas!! Be sure to swing by for the last of 2013's Friday Meet and Greet!  Today we're chatting with +Kelly Moore from Here Comes the Sun! #meetandgreet #bloggersnetworking  

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Happy Friday!  Swing by and meet Mackenzie of +Cheerios and Lattes for today's Meet & Greet! #bloggersnetworking #meetandgreet  

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Meet and Greet Friday | Cheerios & Lattes
Happy Friday!  I'm super excited to introduce you to Mackenzie from Cheerios and Lattes.  I had the privilege of meeting Mackenzie at Blissdom this past year.  I love her passion for blogging and her love for Jesus.  Let's get this par-tay started.    When ...

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Little late to the party, but today we have +Kelly Dixon as our guest for our weekly Friday Meet and Greet!  Be sure to swing by! #fridaymeetandgreet #bloggersnetworking  

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Friday Meet and Greet | Smart School House
Well, I'm a little late to the Meet and Greet!  My apologies.... I am a hot mess, friends.  I'm afraid I've gotten myself in over my head with responsibilities this month.  Sigh.  Oh well... it's still Friday for me, so let's this party started, shall we?  ...

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Interesting read about posting on holidays!  Thanks for sharing +Mike Allton.
Is anybody reading my Holiday blog post?

If you've ever published a blog post on a holiday, you may have been wondering that very thought. Was it a waste of time? Should you have been basting your turkey instead?

In fact, most bloggers simply assume that the answer will be no and choose not to publish at all. They assume that all of their readers are spending time with family and friends, and are too busy to read or hop online.

I think they're wrong.

I think that, while normal businesses should absolutely not publish on holidays, full-time bloggers need to give it careful consideration.

To demonstrate, I've published this article on Thanksgiving, and outlined a number of questions to ask yourself when deciding whether or not to publish, as well as steps to take to ensure that your Holiday Blog post is just as successful as on any other day.

Please read the full post: 

What about you? Have you ever blogged on a holiday? How did it go?

Now, I do wish you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving! I'm so thankful for each of you, and appreciate that you've taken the time to read and talk to me about this article and so many others. I will be spending the day with family, but I also consider many of you family and will be here on Google+ throughout the day. Enjoy!

#Blogging   #Thanksgiving   #Holidays   #ContentMarketing  

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One of my favorite photo editing tools is the RadLab plug-in for Photoshop!  BLACK FRIDAY SALE

Find out more here -->

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Meet and Greet Friday!  Swing by and meet +Renea Hand of Cupcake-n-Bake! #blogger #bloggersnetworking  

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Friday Meet and Greet | Yesterday on a Tuesday
Hi friends!  Guess what?  It's Friday.  Less than a week until Thanksgiving!  What are you thankful for?  I have so much to be thankful for... I'm truly blessed and I trust you can say the same.  Feel free to hop over to my other blog and grab a copy of my ...

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Friday Meet and Greet | One Dog Woof
Happy Friday, sweet friends!  I'm excited to introduce you to +ChiWei Ranck of One Dog Woof . #bloggersnetworking  
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