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The Imperial Realm
The Imperial Realm :: Miranda Official G+ Site
The Imperial Realm :: Miranda Official G+ Site


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31C in the Office

Going into summer on a feature that needs lots of PC's for testing in an office with no A/C. Lesson learned.

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The 5% Problem

What would the RTS community look like if we could increase its size by 10, 20 or even 30 times?

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Pick a Fight Friday

I want to see devastation!

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I Had No Idea RTS Multiplayer is So Lame!

I've been working on Nemesis Mode, Miranda's new multiplayer matchmaking system for the next Early Access monthly update. I had a bunch of ideas for the kind of multiplayer I wanted to have in Miranda, but I hadn't played much RTS multiplayer for quite a while so to figure out what modes and features I might have missed, I looked at all the RTS games that people rave about. And some others. I got a couple good ideas about features, but I was pretty shocked at what I discovered.

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Imperial forces have been quietly encircling the map over the last few days, but the Imperials' attempt to wrest complete control of Miranda suffered a setback tonight with the loss of a single critical southern border sector to the Independents.

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The Imperial Realm::Miranda Early Access & Trailer

When World of Warcraft came out in 2004 and I thought "it would be so cool to play an RTS in a giant seamless open world like that" I never imagined it would take so long, nor that I would be the one to make it happen.

Miranda goes into Early Access today, and to celebrate, here's the new gameplay trailer:

You can check out all of the Editions of The Imperial Realm::Miranda available during Early Access at

If you think a huge open world multiplayer RTS sounds like something you'd like to play, I hope you will support The Imperial Realm::Miranda.

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The Imperial Realm::Miranda Trailer Update.

New blog post:

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Things to Do

I've been playing open world games a bit this week. Playing on the test weekend with the spectre of constant crashes behind me, I was able to worry less about keeping the game running and focus more on how I and the other players were playing the game. People were mostly making it through selecting a location and building their first base. Eventually they would run out of things to build and the question became "what do I do now?" Playing other open world games this week for inspiration, I was looking at how they address this problem of direction.


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