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#Beekeeper's calendar - August. On #honey, robbing, varroa and #forage.
[youtube][/youtube] There are lots of things to look forward to in August — late-summer vacations, ripe peaches, hive robbing like in the video above… wait, maybe not that last one.   By August, the summer nectar flow has definitely tapered off for most of us. If you haven’t already harvested honey, it’s time to remove …
Exploring the plight of the honey bee w/ esteemed photographer @EricTourneret via @merchantmakers
What’s Happening to #Honeybees? 6 #videos that explain the value of— and threat to—our bees
Six movies/videos that explain the importance of — and threat to — our planet’s honeybee.
Celebrate Nat'l #Pollinator Wk! Replace your lawn w/ a #garden! #ecoMonday
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Вее's wах іs nаturаllу рrоduсеd bу hоnеу bееs wіthіn thе hіvе whеrе thе tеmреrаturе must bе bеtwееn 91 аnd 97 dеgrееs bеfоrе іt саn bе сrеаtеd. Fеmаlе wоrkеr bееs асtuаllу рrоduсе thе wах frоm glаnds thаt аrе соntаіnеd іn thеіr аbdоmеns. Dереndіng uроn hоw оld thе wоrkеr bее іs, thе sіzе оf hеr ...
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art by beekeeper Ladislav Hanka #honeybee #pollinator
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New blog post: Herb gardens are a haven for pollinators
You can enjoy fresh herbs in your meals and help rescue the world’s dwindling honeybee population! Here's how.
#ecomonday Less manicured #gardens are best for solitary #bees. #gardeningmonth
Plant a bee garden! You can do your part to help the bees by adding to the shrinking inventory of flower-rich habitat - a bee garden - in your area.
Honeybee #Movies Are the Buzz! What’s in YOUR Popcorn? #youtube #bees
Six movies/videos that explain the importance of — and threat to — our planet’s honeybee.