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Need a healthy snack for the kiddos? Black Forest Popsicles pack a protein boost from Silk AlmondMilk Blends. #silkalmondblends   #shop
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now that sounds awesome!  Want!
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How about treating the kiddos with GMO Free candy on Easter? Here's a GMO Free Candy List that is high on taste low on yucky ingredients! #gmofree   #candy   #easter
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Love this round-up! Thanks for the #unprocessed  treat ideas +Laura Fuentes 
10 Unprocessed Easter Treat and Snack Ideas

The holidays, Easter included, are so tempting with all the unhealthy treats available in stores and at parties. As I walk down the aisles in stores all I see is sugar, sugar, and more sugar. If you are anything like me all those go straight into the trash.  I give my kids real food, with no preservatives, no artificial colors or flavors.

Here is a list of treat and snack ideas you and your kids will LOVE (without all that sugar) :)

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Thanks for sharing +The Greenbacks Gal! :)
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Quick, healthy, and near impossible to screw up: How to Make Deviled Eggs

Be sure to pin it for all those Easter eggs you are sure to  have left over:

#deviledeggs   #deviledeggrecipe  
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Ah yes - perfect for when you have too many boiled eggs! I've pinned it to my Easter board and would love it if you'd stop by and share at my Easter linky.
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How can you make oatmeal taste better? I've got 25 topping ideas you're gonna love!

#oatmeal   #oatmealrecipes  
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I made my first trip to Trader Joe's! It's over an hour away, so I won't be back for a while.

I had to find a way to duplicate one of my favorite products I bought: Quinoa and Steel Cut Oatmeal. Have you tried it? Oh so yummy!

Get the copycat recipe here:

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#traderjoes   #quinoarecipes   #oatmeal  
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Yum - now I don't need to visit Trader Joe's - I still haven't tried Quinoa for breakfast, but love the idea of combining it with Steel Cut Oats
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Did your morning personal care routine involve toxins? I've got some tips to Detox Your Personal Care routine. #shop #cbias #WalgreensOlogy
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Use your leftover Easter eggs to make this healthy egg salad recipe that calls for avocado instead of mayo. #healthyrecipes   #eggsalad

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I have to try this! I love egg salad but I've never thought about using avocado before!
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Do you shop your dollar store? What do you buy? 

While you are there, be on the lookout for these inexpensive eco friendly household cleaning products. They'll save you a bundle and won't pollute your home with toxins!

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#ecofriendly   #ecofriendlyproducts  
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Love this!
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Sharing 3 things I love from around the web! 
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The Greenbacks Gal

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Move over snow! I want to play in the dirt!
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Wanna know the secret to shiny hair? It's in your pantry. #natural   #beauty   #haircare
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Organic Deals. Green Steals. Whole Food Meals.

Hi! I'm Andrea Green, an eco-friendly mother of two who loves to bake, enjoys a hot cup of tea,is fond of gardening, and who believes in living the green lifestyle.

The one thing I despise is paying more for organic groceries.

In 2010 I learned about shopping with coupons. Saving 50% to 90% each week at the grocery store sounded exactly like what our family needed. After all, it was in 2010 that we went from two incomes to one.

What I didn't love about coupons: they all seemed to be for processed food.

Feeding my family organic, whole food is a priority for me.

I figured if I wanted to save on organic, whole foods for my family, surely others would too. That's why I started The Greenbacks Gal.

Do you think it's impossible to save on organic, healthy food?

The Greenbacks Gal has helped a community of over 5,500 people save each week and turned them into "savvy shoppers."

What if you don't have a convenient resource for organic groceries? Where do you shop and how do you make it affordable?

Since The Greenbacks Gal readers are all over the country, I try to find deals that everyone can use. I research deals at warehouse stores like Costco, use online resources like Amazon or Vitacost, and show how you can save even if you do shop Whole Foods Market for groceries.

These are real resources you can really use!

While buying healthy groceries is important, it is only half the battle. As a busy mom of two active teens, I am always looking for healthy, whole food recipes.

The recipes you'll find on this site have to fit my criteria: quick, healthy, and made from whole foods.

I love when I share a recipe that others can't wait to try.  That means I've helped another family deliver a healthy, wholesome meal to the table.

If you are looking for a community of people who believe in buying organic, who want to live more "green", who have limited time and limited resources, You are in the right place!

There is only one rule:

Superwomen need not apply!

Everyone needs a few shortcuts. In an effort to share the shortcuts I've found, I started The GBG It Works for Me! It's full of tips, tricks, do-it-yourself projects and shortcuts everyone can use.

 Contributing Recipe Editor:

Find more of my whole food recipes here:

The Happy Housewife

Eat At Home

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