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The Giving Lens

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TGL Jordan hits the road in just TEN days!! Will you be following? #TGLJordan will do the trick, on all major networks.

Photo by Michael Bonocore
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The Giving Lens

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Check out this awesome article by TGL Team Leader Nicole S Young!
I recently finished leading a workshop in Thailand, along with co-leader Kate Havercroft, for a photography workshop company called The Giving Lens. I have known its founder, Colby Brown, since 201...
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Check out TGL Participant Ross teaching a Masai child some basics! Part of our time in Tanzania was spent in a school for Masai children - who often have to choose between their tribe, or going away to school - and letting them play with some cameras. This was just one small part of our epic 9 days in Tanzania, with every day bringing new adventure and ways to give back.

Did you know we're heading back this summer?? We announced recently and already have a number of applications - interviews have commenced and spots will start to be offered very soon. Last year we took TWO sold out teams, and this year, so far, we're only taking one. if you've been thinking at all about this trip, you should apply today!

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you look very happy to share with the cild
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TGL Thailand has sadly come to a close. But really, how sad can it be when you look at all these beautiful smiling faces? We were so honoured to we welcomed into COSA's world, where girls are not victims but are champions, and where they work hard to prevent trafficking, educating families and providing other options. Mickey, Stephen, and the volunteers are pouring their hearts out for these girls and it doesn't take more than a minute to see why.

These girls are amazing. Their smiles, their hearts, their stories, their hopes and dreams - they are the face of a changing Thailand. We were each so fortunate to find ourselves able to be in this particular place, at this particular time, with a team of particularly incredible women alongside us. Our trip started on the International Day to End Trafficking (#enditmovement) and finished on International Day of Women (#IDW2014). As a team of all women, it would just barely suffice to say each of us was moved deeply. This is not the last you've heard from #TGLThailand. Stay tuned for all our epic stories!

In the meantime we have open trips to Peru, and Tanzania!! Please find the workshops here:

Jordan and Nicaragua are sold out. Thanks to everyone who applied!
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Thanks for information. ..
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The women of #TGLThailand celebrating a fantastic sunset shoot. What a beautiful trip this has been, by women, for women, for girls, and listening to the vast silence of the hills, the scent of family fires in the wind, the smoke unfurling into the sky, and the layers of hazy colours .... what a moment to share!
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The Giving Lens

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One of our TGL Peru participants just got a new job! We're so proud of her. But sadly, it means she cannot come along on our Peru trip in May. This means we have spots open once again on TGL PERU 2014, May 18-26th. If you're feeling adventurous and ready for an adventure in just under two months, apply today! Click here and go to "Peru":

To help you understand just how amazing our Peru trip is, we had past participant Jay share his story on our blog. You can read more here:

Here's a taste:

"Lucky. I just consider myself lucky to have had found The Giving Lens to serve as the perfect vehicle to give, to take, to learn and to dig deep into my emotions all the while doing what I like the most; composing, creating and experiencing photography.

In 2004 I had watched a documentary titled Born into Brothels and subsequently bought the book which superseded the documentary Kids with Cameras. It just resonated with me and I never forgot the cravings that realizing what a perfect marriage photography and self-empowerment could create. While reading the digital magazine Extraordinary Vision I came across an article whose subject was Colby Brown. Colby went into the details of his organization, The Giving Lens (TGL)."

read more on the blog!

Thanks Jay!
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TGL Tanzania is still taking applications, but the team is already Half Full! If you've ever thought about an African photography adventure, maybe this summer is THE summer?

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Hey TGLers! Vote to help our NGO in Nicaragua. Empowerment International, and their MTB Bike Club in Nicaragua win 20 bikes! They are now in 2nd place!

3. SHARE the link!

While you might be familiar with EI's Photography Club, which is where we send our Nicaragua teams to volunteer, they also have a mountain biking club! That's why winning 20 bikes would be so exciting, so please help EI out and vote!

Happy Saturday!
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International Women's Day!

It's literally no coincidence that we took a team of all women to Thailand, to volunteer with COSA, who works with rescued at at-risk girls outside of Chiang Mai, with the trip ending on International Women's Day. By women, with women, for girls. Team leaders Kate SIobhan and Nicole S Young took a team of seven amazing women to Thailand, to work with more than 30 incredible and inspiring young girls. We ran photo workshops all weekend, from photo-scavanger hunts to "a day in my life" projects. Photography is an incredible way to inspire, empower, and ignite youth towards self-confidence, identity, creativity, and the idea that everyone has a voice, and their's is special. That their story is worth telling. That they are valuable. We've seen it over and over again with our partner NGOs and the photo programs that we have come alongside, or even started ourselves.

We donated (well, YOU all donated) 28 cameras to COSA for 35 girls to continue using. They're not victims, they're champions - and with a camera in hand, their stories can be told where words fail.

To our team, and to these girls, we applaud you, we lift you up, we cheer you on. The world is a better place for every single woman and girl that's in it. You all play a part in changing our future - in fact, you're the epicenter of the change. Empowered and inspired women. called to action, taking action, and rallying together to see the world differently.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

This photo is 7 of the older girls at COSA, taken during a photo walk just last weekend, hearts and voice ablaze together. This is our future.

#TGLThailand internationalwomensday #enditmovement #IWD2014 #thegivinglens
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Simply put: Amazing before B/C
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"Morning Light" We're in the tail end of our trip with The Giving Lens ... just a few days left! I can't believe how quickly the time has passed. The past few days we had an amazing time driving through the hills and photographing the people in the hill tribe villages. This morning we woke up and caught the gorgeous, golden light and walked into the fields to get some landscapes. This is my co-leader, Kate Siobhan, catching the sun as it went over the hills in the background. #TGL #TGLThailand

Found at
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Giving Back Through Photo Education
The Giving Lens is an organization that focuses on blending photography education with giving back to local communities. We offer photography workshops in various locations around the globe, where we work alongside local Non-Profit organizations that are doing exceptional work. These workshops are designed and lead by professional photographer and The Giving Lens founder, Colby Brown, who offers a unique and creative learning environment that not only showcases the latest in digital photography techniques but also touches on the importance of lending a helping hand to help make the world a better place for all life on this planet.

We believe that we can make a difference. Photography is a phenomenal art form that not only allows us to capture moments frozen in time, but share our experiences, thoughts and emotions with others. It allows us to connect to other human beings in meaningful ways that might not have been possible otherwise. By participating in a TGL (The Giving Lens) workshop you are allowing yourself the opportunity to explore, document and work hand in hand to help make a difference with the local communities, NGO organizations and countries we will be working in. As you learn photography you might also be working with school children, helping to protect an endangered species or trying to understand the historical conflict that has plagued many parts of the globe for centuries. Those who participate will grow, both as people as well as photographers.

What kind of organizations do we work with? The Giving Lens partners with a single organization per workshop and only offers one workshop per country. We love working with NGO organizations that share our passion for creating a better world. There are many causes around the globe that are in need of support. From species preservation to eco sustainability, child education to those displaced by war, disaster survivors to those living with AIDS, we are happy to help where and when we can.

How did The Giving Lens start? The Giving Lens is the vision of Professional Photographer and Photo Educator, Colby Brown. Colby honed his skills traveling the globe, from the peaks of Nepal to ground-zero of post-earthquake Haiti. Through his experiences he felt compelled to help the amazing people he met along the way. He found himself looking for ways to combine his love for photography, and his deep passion to make a difference. In 2011 The Giving Lens was born in an attempt to blend photo education and helping to make the world a better place by giving back to local communities.