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Are you using WD40 to keep your garage doors well lubricated?

If so I was about to say - BAD IDEA. WD40 is not the best option for lubricating your garage door springs and and moving parts. WD40 is more so a cleaner and rust preventative.

I usually will use WD40 to clean grease but never use it as a long term solution to lubricate garage door parts. I recommend you go to the local hardware store like Lowes and grab some silicone spray and spray it on your garage door springs, hinges, and bottom of your motor rail. I do this twice a year and its easiest to remember when its time to change the clocks.

Correctly lubricating your garage door's moving parts will keep you from pricey garage door repairs less often.
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#garagedoorrepair   #garagedoorservices  Pictured is what's called an extension spring on a garage door. These kinds of springs are generally found on older doors and can cause more damage and can be more harmful if the spring breaks while you are close to it. Garage Door Guy is happy to replace the old springs or upgrade to an all new torsion spring system. Call us or visit today!
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#garagedoorrepair   #garagedoor   Anybody who's an anybody (that is in the garage door repair biz) knows exactly what this picture is all about. This is a broken garage door spring, which just happens to be one of the most common garage door repair calls.

Her'es a couple few things that could mean you have a broken garage door spring (also called a torsion spring).

1. If your opener only opens the door less than a foot then won't go any further and feels heavy when manually trying to open it then its likely a broken spring.

2. If you hear a loud pop (I've honestly had people call the police because of how loud these pop when they break) then you could very well have a broken spring.

3. Lastly if you look at your spring, located at the top of the garage door opening, and it has a gap like the one pictured then you have a broken spring and need to have your spring replace.

If you notice that you have a broken spring then I'm happy to help. If your garage door is broken, we can fix it. Call us or visit us on the web to schedule your garage door repair in Little Rock today!
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