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The application is just suspended by Google from Google Play. They also blocked Google Plus login so you are no longer access to your web console. In the mean time, please remove the app from your device or you will be locked by Theftie app.

If your device is locked. Please use this page to obtain unlock code: 

Here is an email from Google

This is a notification that your Google Play Publisher account has been terminated.

REASON FOR TERMINATION: Prior violations of the Content Policy and Developer Distribution Agreement by this or associated accounts as outlined in previous emails sent to the registered email address(es) of the Publisher account(s).

Please note that Google Play Publisher suspensions are associated with developers, and may span multiple account registrations and related Google services. If you feel we have made an error, you can visit the Google Play Help Center article for additional information regarding this termination.

Do not attempt to register a new developer account. We will not be restoring your account at this time.

The Google Play Team
I contacted Google for this issue and waiting for response.

Update 22 Jan

I just got a reply from Google

After reviewing your appeal, we have confirmed our initial decision and will not be reinstating your developer account.

Your Google Play Developer account has been terminated due to multiple policy violations by this or associated accounts. Note that Google Play Developer Console terminations are associated with developers, and may span multiple account registrations and related Google services. Do not attempt to register a new developer account. Any subsequent registrations will be closed and your developer registration fee will not be refunded.

We are unable to provide further details and will not respond to additional inquiries. We recommend that you utilize an alternative method for distributing your apps in the future.

I don't get any notification before this removal. It seems that they don't like Theftie in Google Play. I will try another way to publish this app.
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Now if it is set as a system app how do I go about removing theftie from my phone??
That's messed up 
Sooo...why wasn't this addresssed sooner? Did Google actually send the emails? Did the emails not get seen (fell into some dev account that wasn't noticed)?

Transparency please - given the access that Theftie has, knowing what happened will contribute to Theftie's established reputation.

Hopefully the problem can be fixed and theftie can be allowed back in the market
Can you re-add it to Xposted?
Since Google also disabled the ability to login with Google Plus, I should repackage the app and further fixes. I hope to bring this app to public again. Thanks for your support
I second the motion to add back onto xposed
The only problem with Xposed is it will soon be phased out with Lollipop and the ART runtime. Anyone with CM12+ or a stock Android 5+ OS would be SOL, like me. ;-)

Thanks for everything Theftie dev. I love the app. Worked* great!
I've installed theftie in my phone and i lost my phone today.Is there any other way to track and find my phone?
T_T I loved you app :'(
Waiting for news and hopefully it will return to Google Play
Sadly uninstalling, wishing that it will return :')
It's nice app.why remove google.
we are want aging this app.

google blood sucker may be they developed like this app
I just had this problem, it is a great app. The best i've been using. How do I unistall if I installed it as a system app?
Well this sucks.
Yah Google, more Apple-izing of things....
My phone was stolen (just) a few hours ago so is there anyone out there who can HELP!
15 PM, Google+ (Mario Briones) <
****@**> wrote:
I don't need to access it (Theftie) cos it's blocked by Google

I only need your help in sending me a photo (selfie of culprit) and current
location of my phone and its recent activity.

Please learn that the culprit might do this again and in desperation might
even do harm to a victim he/she sets his/her sight towards.
publish your app on 1mobile store or Aptoide or upload on a web directly
use other service than G+for login : Facebook or Twitter or Vk or Path (the social network)   for example 
Same bs they did to adaway, but they got smart and moved to fdroid or something like that. Google can suck you it. Go to a different download manager. Cause that's all google play store is anyway. 
I had downloaded the application and delete me for inconvenience, now try downloading and do not get it at all.
It seems that Google had done a 'good' deed....
I can't use my favourite Theftie...
Me gusta mucho la aplicación, considero que es de gran utilidad, ahora como hago para seguirla usando?
Ustedes volveran a lanzar Theftie?
Como hago para recibir el correo de los intrusos?
Hope you can keep it working soon. Very good job. Fck. Google policies.
i LIKE THIS APP why is it getting terminated by google FUCK GOOGLE. GOOGLE IS JUST JEALOUS BECAUSE theftie takes pictures of the thief and finds the device google does not do that only thing that google does is just fuck say this device has not been found my nigga is you serious FUCK GOOGLE, FUCK ITS ANDROID DEVICE MANAGER, FUCK YOU GOOGLE YOU CAN SUCK DICK. Theftie is the phone finder life now
That's the thing google wants you to them and only them
i am sure thats the right app because its made my the same people and google does suck the blocked an app that actually helps
Quiero volver a descargar thiefte. Me apareció error de inicio interno lo desinstalé para volverlo a instalar, y ya no aparece en el google store . ¿que está ocurriendo?
every time I try to log in it says error
Its dead. Google killed it
Just typical about Google, theftie was a great app I find Google so under handed the ordinary person don't have say.just like Google flexed its powers on another issue concerning transfering videos and photos onto a micro sd card they sent a program down so you can no longer do it so you have to upload to Google drive and maybe have to purchase extra space the way round it is to remove the updates for all Google apps and return factory settings also you used to get 50 gigabytes now you only get 15 that should tell you something shame on you Google,There's a saying knowledge leads to power, power leads to corruption I never thought I would say it but I'd rather have a windows phone 
Damn.  Where is my phone?  I use the app to find it for me:  at the vet, in the car, don't know.  I loved that app!
This app is the most helpful app I have ever seen or used and I think google is making a big mistale by blocking it 
So I downloaded Theftie and now I can't uninstall it! It's just stuck on my phone. I want it gone if it isn't any use to me anymore. Does anyone know how to uninstall it when the option is not available within the app?
Too bad... It was an amazing app
I was really going to need it but then I found the thief and recovered my phone, guess I will be back to Prey Project,
Thank you
i need to unblock my phone please
i had theftie but from the time google remove it i removed it and installed prey. but i was very unlucky recently some guy had stolen it. and its not reachable by prey. if working theftie would be there than i think i will get my phone back. 
This is Best replacement APP I found so far...
And the best part of it... It's 100% FREE
It has a web and an SMS module, so if the phone internet it's turned off it still can be activated (Alarm, Location, Message, etc) :D
I hope it helps
How do I uninstall the app? I forgot the app password. help please, I try to use root uninstaller but didn't work
Android Lost ( (100% free)
This is FULL F-ING FEATURED. Just think of a feature, it has it. You can fully control all aspects of your phone via text (from a trusted additional phone if you wish, or any phone) or from your browser. Find location of your phone, take pictures remotely with front and back cameras, remote screenshots, remotely wipe device. It's amazing! This app is far superior to Antifur Droid and Theftie (not knocking on Theftie. Personally, I like to have multiple anti theft apps just in case!) I also use:

Where's My Droid. It is free, but you can get additional features by going premium. Not quite as many features as the above, but close enough. Plus it supports multiple devices!!!
+Theftie Is it possible to fix it? I tested a lot of apps and I have to say this is the best out of all anti-thefts! You guys are great devs and you have saved a lot of peoples phones. I really hope you can find a solution, can't you just use the g+ API without having a dev account/ uploading the app to the play store? Waiting for response
This is lame....It was the best theft app ever..i tried using others and you have to pay to get good services! 
It's lame just to surrender to Google and give no more updates. Don't be an introvert! And you really need Google SSO? Hey, what's up? Updates please! Are you selling user data to china or what?
So damn ignorant, not even answering back, gj!
fuck im all the way from south africa and I really loved this app..worked great its sad google came out with this new policy's. Hope the dev team can work there way around it. Good luck guys please do let me know if it does work out
We all look forwards to a renwed submission to the play store, an alternative distribution would be a great fix in the meantime!
Ohh. Thats why i can't login
One other way is not to keep it on google play, provide the apk from your site and provide theftie accounts rather than signing in from google.
what about those that paid subscriptions?
So i just lost my cell how do i now find it any ideas
Since January no updates? Sorry, you guys suck. It's time to learn a lesson in communication with customers. You even failed at notifying customers that theftie stopped working. Not to replied to my mail. That's it! I'm finished with theftie.
The "Send Unlock Code" page with the IMEI is not working!! My friend accidentally locked his device, how can he unlock it now??
not sing in google plus
Put the login in a facebook account, and share the apk file!!
Teron F
How can I remove this app from my phone.
I don't think you can Teton F
Excuse me, but why removed from xposed module list? 
Udostępnij aplikacje na tej stronie i zmień sposób logowania na e-mail zamiast Google +
I loved it y dey took it away but mine still wrk tho i can still recieve pics of who trying to get in my phn
Have alternative like this application
Have alternative like this application
They took it down? Wtf thats lame I loved this app -.- 
what about the current process?
are we not able to get it back??? do something man..
i just installed xposed on my CM13 (android 6 mm), working fine so first thing i want to install is theftie module and i can't find it. Please, give us some feedback about what's going on with this app... or maybe we need to try cerberus.. or other alternative..
i need to unblock my phone please
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