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How To Trade Bitcoin With No Money! (Video)

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Illegal Immigrants do Pay Taxes and they Also Have Constitutional Rights... What do you think about this?

Did you know?
Illegal Immigrants Pay Taxes and Have Constitutional Rights
Just a reminder to those who claim illegal immigrants do not have rights... If you're a constitutionalist and you don't know this then you need to redo your research on the subject. Don't let conservatives make lies about illegal immigrants. Illegal immigrants are protected within the Constitution and thus are barred from deportations unless they commit violent crimes in the super majority of cases.

Also, fact of the matter is, all illegals pay excise taxes, property taxes, etc... not to mention in order to possibly receive public social benefits, the super majority of illegals must file for an ITIN (Individual Tax Identification Number), which is the equivalent to a Social Security Number. Thus, the super majority of illegal immigrants who have an ITIN pay US Federal Income taxes in the form of a W-2 or a 1099 depending on their situation. Also, many illegals who come here do not end up getting social benefits because of their illegal status even if they pay Federal US Taxes. The effective tax rate of illegal immigrants is roughly about 8%, the Marginal tax rate of legal lowest income bracket earners is 10% (not including deductions and benefits).

Learn the facts! Don't let the Conservatives hijack libertarianism with their false talking points.

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It's going to be so sad to see old power structures continue to try to exert influence, and hurt lots of people along the way. Doesn't matter though, the more Latin America embraces digital currency, the less it'll care about petty US politicians.

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It's time to remember those who have fallen. #RIP #Peace #Unity
#BlackHistoryMonth will be a time to remember those who have fallen from domestic tyranny all over the world. #Peace

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Was this man defending his wife or is this man a criminal who unjustly assaulted the police?
Man Beats Up 2 Police Officers After One Cop Tasers His Wife
I did a quick reaction video to this after I came across it on one of my social media streams. I enjoyed it, and most definitely, the man did the right thing. I don't think the legal system will be on his side though...
#wow #nuts #fights #cops #police

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That doesn't seem like a very good thing... What do you think?
Many Nuclear Power Plants Built On Global Fault Lines
It seems very odd that many of the world's nuclear power plants are actually built on or near active fault lines, which have been known to cause massive earthquakes, tsunamis, and other natural disasters. I would have liked to think that many of these scientists, activists, and pro-nuclear energy advocates would have suggested to at least construct a nuclear power plant in more secure areas, especially due to many of the protests these nuclear power plants have already faced. I predict that as the earth's climate continues changing, that the fault lines will continue to move and adjust and have terrible ramifications for the future of these nuclear plants and nuclear reactors.

The recent major meltdown in Japan has already caused a panic about radiation being dumped into the Pacific Ocean, which now seems to be hushed down. The radiation from Fukushima, Japan has already reached the West Coast of the United States due to terrible planning by Nuclear Plant developers.

These are the real problems we need to face, this is no longer a hypothetical situation to ponder on with the cons of nuclear energy. We need to solve this problem and get the radiation in the Pacific Ocean under control.
#Japan #Fukushima #Nuclear #NuclearEnergy #NuclearPollution #Radiation #NuclearWar

What do you guys think about these nuclear power plants being built on or near fault lines?
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Do Black Lives Matter In The UK?
Do #BlackLivesMatter In The UK?
Indeed, for many observers, the current position of Britain's black population is one that is mired between achievement and marginalisation in a nation where being black and British remains, statistically, a hardship. And where, some say, the UK's true-scale involvement in the transatlantic slave trade remains little known to the wider public.
#UK #BlackLives #Blacks #BlackGoogle+ #Europe

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The Donald may need some help on this one... #lol #humor
Donald Trump Using Google On His Laptop
soo majestic...

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Here is another Community that is categorized by continents of natural disasters and breaking news. If you'd like to join, then please join and come chat with us and share huge updates from your country!
#News #Countries #Breaking #Politics #US #USA #Global
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