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When Denial Meets Globalization
by +Walter H Groth / THE FLOAD Inc. -
#globalization #employment #hiring

When I look today at Germany’s ‘Election Super Sunday’ of last weekend I see results pretty much as I expected them to turn out. The big wins of the new right wing party AfD came to no surprise. Blaming that solely on the refugee policy of German Chancellor Angela Merkel is way too short sighted.

Did it play a role? Absolutely. Yet, in my opinion, this was just the symptom of an underlying diffuse fear. The pain people, including the middle class, feel due to the transformation they are going through. Whether blue collar, white collar, or manager, they are all impacted. A transformation of their way of life, the economy, the job markets, or basically everything. A transformation caused by the ongoing globalization. The refugees are the mere trigger that made them react. The drop that spilled the cup.

It’s not just a small change. It’s an upheaval of the world as we knew it. And it’s accelerated by the rise of technology. Software is eating the world at an ever faster pace, And that puts tremendous stress on the system.

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Why The Game of Business Needs to Change Its Rules
by Tim O'Reilly -

Economics likes to think of itself as a science, and too often its practitioners have attempted to uncover its “laws,” as if they were modern Isaac Newtons uncovering the laws of motion. But many of the laws of economics are far more like the rules of a game than like the laws of nature. Some of the rules represent what appear to be fundamental constraints — the availability of resources, say, or the absorptive capacity of the environment, or even the behavioral patterns of human nature — while others are arbitrary and subject to change, such as tax policy, government entitlements, and minimum wage requirements.

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A Speech to Watch

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The Infantilization Economy
by +Umair Haque / Bad Words -

That's why we are building THE FLOAD. Because there is more important stuff to do than creating just another senseless app. Is it hard to do? Indeed, it is. That's why we do it.


You’ve heard me say it a billion times before. The world has historically epic problems. Social scientists call them “wicked problems”, because they are titanic in scale, resistant to simple solution, and systemic in nature. And there’s a very, very long list of them today — far longer than at any point in human history. Climate change, inopportunity, economic stagnation, social fracture, lost generations, and so on.

Are…virtual shopping assistants…concierge apps…VVVIP restaurant bookers…going to help stop crapitalism from melting down the planet, destroying democracy, suffocating the economy, plunging the world into something like a neofeudal dark age ruled by ultra-wealthy dynasties? Are you kidding? Every dollar invested in this stuff is a dollar not invested in stuff that matters.

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Why Getting a Degree is Probably Not the Best Option Any More
By Jasraj Hothi -
via +Walter H Groth 
#jobsearch #hiring

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Addressing the Notion of Being Left Behind by Globalization
by +Walter H Groth  / Clear-cut Thoughts -
#globalization #leadership #refugees
Addressing the Notion of Being Left Behind by Globalization
by +Walter H Groth / Clear-cut Thoughts -
#globalization #leadership #refugees

Europe is no longer the same. For many years it looked like Europe was right on its way. Right on its way embracing and sharing liberty, equality, fraternity as its core values. Right on its way to a unified Europe consisting of sovereign states under one European roof. An Europe without national borders as envisioned with the Schengen Agreement. No more it seems nowadays, unfortunately.

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You Are Probably Not Thinking Big Enough
by Thomas Oppong -

Fitting in is a failure. Not standing out is the same as being invisible.

For centuries we’ve been trained by the system to stop thinking and do as we are told. But dreamers and thinkers change the world. Thinkers and dreamers are the new untouchables. They don’t follow any logic. It’s hard to replace the dreamers with algorithms.

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Millennials have it worse than any other generation, study says
by Joe Myers - World Economic Forum

Inequality is rising between generations in Western economies, according to an investigation by the Guardian newspaper.

Millennials. those born between 1980 and the mid-90s, are earning significantly less than the national average, the investigation found using data from the LIS (Luxembourg Income Study): Cross-National Data Center.

“The situation is tough for young people. They were hit hard by the Great Recession, and their labour market situation has improved only little since,” Angel Gurría, Secretary-General of the OECD, told the Guardian.

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Managing talent in a digital age
by McKinsey & Company
via +42 Lead™ 
#leadership #employment
Managing talent in a digital age
by McKinsey & Company
#leadership #employment  

Online labor platforms make it easier to find—and harder to retain—talented people. They give companies a real opportunity to transform the way they recruit, develop, and engage their employees.

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Stop Trying To Be Somebody.
by Jon Westenberg -
#criticalthinking   #work

Way too many people are out there to just seek attention. Attention to them. It's never about the others but only about them. You can watch this all the time on social networks like Twitter or Facebook, etc. They are busy to keep the world informed about their latest water level in their lives. It doesn't go any shallower than that. The question then is why so many people are following them. And what it says about these followers.

Make Something. Don’t Just Talk About It.

When you watch reality TV singing shows, the hopefuls tend to be starry eyed dreamers, who’ll look into the camera and say “I’ve always dreamed about being a singer.” They never say they’ve always dreamed of singing.

I think that’s a pretty important difference. If they really gave a shit about singing, they’d be out there every day and night, singing their fucking lungs out.

Joining bands, finding gigs, recording music, filming YouTube videos, working their asses off to get in front of an audience.
But they’re not. They’re dragging themselves across national TV for a shot at fame and fortune based on scripted drama and audience manipulation.

They’re waiting for someone to make them into Singers. With the lifestyle, and the glamour to boot. They don’t want to do something. They want to be the person who does something.

You can see this behavior in a lot of other areas, with a lot of other people.
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