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From Mardi Gras Oktoberfest, let The Festival Gadget's exquisite database of festival listings be the backbone of your app's travel content.
From Mardi Gras Oktoberfest, let The Festival Gadget's exquisite database of festival listings be the backbone of your app's travel content.

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7 Helsinki Festivals

If you ever needed a reason to visit Europe’s capital of cool, here are seven fab festivals and events that take place in Helsinki from January through December.

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Big changes afoot at The Festival Gadget

Up until now, our festival listings have been offered up on a monthly subscription basis. As part of that service we routinely updated our festival data — details such as festival dates and festival venues — and made these updates available to our clients via their own customised database.

After consultation with our existing clients we've scrapped the subscription model. All of our clients (new and existing) will now take ownership of our festival listings for a one-time payment — a payment based on the number of listings requested. So, no more monthly charges!

We no longer update the coming dates of the festivals and events in our database, meaning we've been able to pass the savings allowed by our reduced workload directly on to our clients.

The one-time payment comes in at roughly the cost of a single year's subscription, meaning the long-term savings to our clients are significant.

As a bit of ballpark, depending on the number of listings a client is looking to purchase prices range from €2.40 to €3.00 per listing.

For more information including our full pricing model you can check in at our recently update FAQs page:

To get an idea of what our festival listings look like, take a peek at our example listing page:

For an idea of the scope of the listings we currently offer, head on over to our list pages at:

If you have any questions or would like us to open a section of our database for closer inspection, please just drop us an email.

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Orlando is the undisputed theme park capital of the world. From movie buffs, to thrill-seekers, to science geeks, Orlando's theme parks offer up a smorgasbord of fun for all tastes. With a year round average temperature of 28 degrees Celcius and a mere nine hours flying time from London airports, more British families than ever before are choosing an Orlando theme park holiday.

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Summer in Europe is a beer lovers paradise. When the sun is out and there's more of the day gone than there is to come, Europe spills out on to the terraces and the surrounding streets of bars and cafes from Reykjavik to Nicosia. It's a wonderful time to share a half or two with friends.

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Continental Europe is renowned for its variety of festivals. From world-class ballet celebrations to an appreciation of cultural history, those who are lucky enough to experience a festival during their European river cruise getaway are sure to remember it for a lifetime. 

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There has also been considerable socio-psychological research into the ways that crowds behave. They have their own tidal flows and currents of sentiment and emotion. Anyone who ever stood on the terraces of a packed football ground, back in the day when standing was the norm, will know the peculiar sense of being part of the herd that such a setting generated. Whether rendered as a matter of chant, shouts or physical movements, the group was somehow more real than any of its constituent parts. Capturing that dynamism in graphic form is difficult at best.

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Arguably the most anticipated horse race in the world, the Grand National at Liverpool's Aintree Racecourse attracts racing fans and revellers from near and far, for a day of entertainment that is second to none on the British racing calendar.

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Why the UK is the place for sport in 2015

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Vegetarian travellers should check out Veggoagogo - a 50 language vegetarian travel translation app.
Never accidentally eat meat abroad again! Veggoagogo, our particularly pretty 50 language vegetarian translation app is now available on Google Play and iTunes.

Here's the blurb: Veggoagogo is a fun and easy way to communicate your vegetarian dietary requirements to anyone you meet on your overseas travels. Our well-researched selection of statements and questions have been professionally translated into 50 languages allowing vegetarians to locate suitable restaurants or order food with confidence anywhere in the world. 

And here’s the link to Veggoagogo on iTunes and Google Play:

Google Play:

Any questions, just drop us an email and we'll get back to you just as soon as we can. :-)

We've just launched our  new look website over at - lots of never-before-shared festival info.
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