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Patient and Practitioner Education About Gluten-Related Disorders and Autoimmunity
Patient and Practitioner Education About Gluten-Related Disorders and Autoimmunity

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Folks, we have been looking at sugar all wrong! Did you know that mid-section fat is the most dangerous fat in the body, and the largest contributor to mid-section fat is the HIDDEN sugar in our diet? We need to take a much closer look!

On Thursday Oct 30th I will be going live with my friend JJ Virgin, as we discuss the health risks posed by sugar and the multi-billion dollar industry behind it!

We will cover:

- How looking at sugar wrong is affecting us
- How to lose your cravings and take control of sugar in just two weeks
- Cleaning out the fridge and the pantry
- PLUS, a sample shopping list

Register NOW for this live online event, which will take place on Thursday Oct 30th at 2pm U.S. Eastern, for FREE!

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Today! At 5pm EST (New York time) I will be hosting a webinar with my good friends from SCD Lifestyle, Jordan and Steve.

Get your questions about gut health answered LIVE (register and you'll receive an email about how to ask your questions)!

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Enjoy my talk, "Why Gluten is a Bigger Problem Than You Think!" for free at the Wellness Family Summit today, and today only! 

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TODAY at the Transform Your Health Summit, you can listen to my talk, "Time to Heal: Stop Throwing Gasoline on the Fire!"

Do you remember what it means to "throw gasoline on the fire?" Tune in for a reminder!

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My talk at the Sexy Younger You Summit is free TODAY!

Robin Nielsen, NC, and Dr. Anna Cabeca talk about returning to your sexier, younger self… be sure to listen to my FREE talk today, as we discuss "Hormonal Imbalances, reproductive Disorders and Dietary Triggers: A Perfect Storm!"

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- Which link in your chain will break if you're constantly stressing it with food sensitivities?
- What happens to your health when you add fuel to the fire?
- Which part of your body tells the generals to send the antibodies into your bloodstream?

These answers (and more) I discuss with Dr. Josh Axe at The Natural Cures Movement. Our talk is a free gift with registration, which means you can watch it now... before his summit begins on October 6th!

My good friend and Thyroid Summit host Suzy Cohen also has her talk as a free gift, "10 Natural Cures for Diseases you THINK you have!"

Take a moment to enjoy both of our talks today for FREE at The Natural Cures Movement!

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Today is ENCORE DAY at the Evolution of Medicine Summit! That means you have until Tuesday, September 16, at 10 A.M. EST to listen again for free to the 4 presentations YOU voted for!

- Tom O’Bryan, DC, The Evolution of Autoimmunity
- David Perlmutter, MD, The Evolution of Neurology: Gut Brain Connection
- Terry Wahls, MD, Evolutionary Nutrition: Recovering from MS and Autoimmune Disease
- Chris Kresser, LAc, The Evolution of Paleo

AND today's keynote presentation by Joe Cross aka Joe The Juicer, Star of Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead.


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The SEXY YOUNGER YOU Summit with Robin Nielsen, NC, and Dr. Anna Cabeca also began today! Be sure to check out this week’s free talks, including my presentation 'Hormonal Imbalances, Reproductive Disorders and Dietary Triggers: A Perfect Storm' - see you there!

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An incredible free online event is taking place NOW, hosted by my good friend James Maskell - The Evolution of Medicine Summit! As medicine learns more about the physical, psychological and emotional impacts of how we eat, act and live, we must learn with it! Fortunately, you can start now. Join me TODAY.

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My ALS ice bucket challenge, in honor of my friend who died of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). Also featuring a moving testimonial by a 26-year-old who has been diagnosed with ALS, please watch to the end.

If you would like to do so, you can make a donation to the ALS Therapy Development Institute here:

Thank you.
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