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Free adventures, resources, tips, product reviews/giveaways, and help for RPGs (Pathfinder and D&D)
Free adventures, resources, tips, product reviews/giveaways, and help for RPGs (Pathfinder and D&D)


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How do you deal with a murderhobo player? The simple answer is to change your adventure format. That does not mean to avoid combat. You need to entice the players to solve issues without killing everyone. The long answer? Well, The DM Doctor has your…

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How can you help charity and disaster relief efforts? Buy RPG products and donate artwork and homebrew content! Due to all the disasters (as of this posting: Hurricane Harvey), RPG community members needing help, my family’s fight with cancer, and just…

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Hey, Adventurers! New site is up (which if you are reading this, that means you got the memo). I just want to say thank you to everyone that has been following along and thank you to all the newcomers! This will be the final move for The DM Doctor. I have…

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New Site!
If you didn't get the memo... The DM Doctor has now moved to a permanent self-hosted site. Please bookmark the new site: . If you have not subscribed to my e-mail list, please do so! Not only will you know what's going on (and not miss memos...

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Simple Ways to Introduce a New Character - So you Think You Can GM? (GM Tips Part V)
Simple Ways to Introduce New Characters I know this is straying from where we left off on the " So You Think You Can GM? " series (long overdue update coming soon), but it is a fair GM tip nevertheless. Today's GM tip is all about how to introduce new chara...

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How to make a Big Bad Evil Guy (BBEG) - So You Think You Can GM? (GM Tips Part IV)
Bonus Week Day 5: GM Tip: Making an Adventure (Story-crafting continued...BBEG) Phew! We made it to the last day of bonus week. Not another one of these until October. But before we start sipping some Mai Tais, let's continue our story-crafting lesson. Let ...

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Where to Begin Making an Adventure- So You Think You Can GM? (GM Tips Part III)
Bonus Week Day 4: GM Tip: Making an Adventure (Story-crafting) Today’s set of GM tips and advice is going to target more
experienced gamemasters. ( If you missed Part II, check it out here ).No doubt many of you out there have ran pre-made
adventures before...

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How to Make a Good Story (A Hero's Journey) - So You Think You Can GM? (GM Tips Part VI)
The Art of Storytelling (The Hero’s Journey) (Post may contain affiliate links). How do you make a good story for your adventure? Your campaign? Do you have great original ideas, but players get bored before they ever reach them? Whether you are a novelist ...

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Making Tough Calls - So You Think You Can GM? (GM Tips Part II)
Bonus Week Day 3: GM Tip: Making  Tough Calls Whether you are an experienced GM or fairly new, you are
bound to have learned (or will eventually), that the toughest GM calls you ever
make will not be one rule mechanics or how to fix a plot-line, they will b...

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How to Choose an RPG System (and Prepare for Your First GM Session) - So You Think You Can GM? (GM Tips Part I)
Bonus Week, Day #2! (This post contains some affiliate links) You have decided that you want to run your first game as a gamemaster (GM) or perhaps you have been trying, but things don’t seem to be going as smoothly as you thought. Maybe you struggle with h...
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