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What’s New in the Google My Business API v4.2?

Google has recently announced the release of a new version of #Google My #Business API v4.2. Do you know what’s new in this new #API? If not, read below to know the key highlights of Google My Business API v4.2.
• Verification
• Google Location
• Products Posts
• Chain Membership
• Search
To know about this in detail, visit #Webdesignercork #Thedigitaldepartment
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4 Tips to Design a Website for Micro Moment

In Google’s never-ending project of making the #web a mobile-friendly place, you need to find a way to reach a large number of people in a fast turnaround time. Nowadays, consumers have a far higher expectation than what web and #mobile can do these days. It is not wrong to say that they are looking for a website that can read their mind and know exactly what they want. If you want to stay ahead in the competition, you need to #design a website for micro-moment. Here are 4 tips that will help you design a #website for micro-moments.
• Start with a data
• Respond with immediacy
• Respond with immediate content
• Respond with geo-targeting.
If you want to get more tips on website design, visit #Websitedesigncork #Thedigitaldepartment
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3 Ways to Optimize Your Existing Content

Have you put too much time and effort to write #content? Failed to make #money from the same? If yes, here are three tips and #tricks which you can use to optimize your existing content and achieve great #ROI.
• Catalog your content
• Score your content
• Improve your content
Do not have any idea about how? Visit #webdesigncork #thedigitaldepartment

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4 Tips to Follow When Competing with Big Brands in PPC

Achieving success when running a #PPC campaign is not as simple as it seems. This is because there are hundreds of #brands that run their own PPC campaign to #makemoney. If you too are running a PPC campaign and want to compete with big brands, you should give a try to these four tactics.
• Do not race to the bottom with #discounts & offers
• Do not try to reach every single person the big brand targets
• Do not play the same game they do
• Do not use their campaign as the basis of your own
• To get more tips on PPC, visit #SeoIreland #Thedigitaldepartment
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Google AdWord is Now Google Ad

Google has rebranded Google #AdWord as Google Ads and consolidate its other #advertising products into Google marketing platform and Google #AdManager. These changes are done with an intention to make it easier for the small advertisers to run ad across all #PPC channels. To get more information about it, visit #Thedigitaldepartment #seo Ireland
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3 ways to Improve Ad Rank

If you are using #GoogleAdsense, you surely have an idea about ad rank. For those who have not, ad rank refers to the position that your ad holds on the given #paid search result page. The higher be the #adrank, the maximum be the chances of getting your ad clicked. This is why a lot of people are always looking for ways to improve ad rank. If you are too, you should try these three tips:
• Focus on relevant Ad extension only
• Utilize more specific Ad groups
• Create a unique offer for each ad
By doing this, you can surely #improve your ad rank. To get More PPC tips, visit #AdRank #Thedigitaldepartment
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5 UX Design Trends That You Should Know

UX design plays a vital role in ensuring the success of any website. If you too want to create a website, you must be familiar with these 5 #UXdesign trends to create a #website that will work for your business.
• Increased Use of Augmented Reality
• Voice User Interfaces (VUIs) to Accompany Traditional UX
• Seamless Omni-Channel User Experiences
• Greater Use of Negative Space for a Content-First Approach
• Split-Screen Design
To know more about the latest UX design trends, visit #UXDesign #Thedigitaldepartment

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Tips to Monetize Your Mobile Application

Mobile applications or #mobileapps are a great way to make money these days. If you too want to make money through your mobile #app, you must read below to know some tricks which you can use to monetize your #mobile application.
• Banners ads
• Freemium
• In-app purchase
• Subscription
• Video ads
To get more tips and #tricks about monetizing mobile application, visit #Mobileappdevelopment #Thedigitaldepartment
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5 Things to Check If Website Traffic Suddenly Drops

If you are in the #digitalmarketing world, you will surely want to have excellent traffic on your website. But, do you know what to do if the traffic on your #website suddenly drops? Continue reading to know the five things which you must check if your website #traffic suddenly drops.
• Look at the substantial site changes
• Manual search engine penalty
• Google algorithm update
• Valuable backlink lost
• Competitors and SERPs changes
To know how it will impact your search traffic, visit #WebsiteDesign #Thedigitaldepartment
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Know About the 5 New Magento Commerce Cloud Features

Almost everyone is familiar with #MagentoCommerce Cloud. Since its introduction in 2016, more than hundreds of eCommerce stores are using this cloud service for the betterment of their #business. If you too are planning to use this innovative cloud technology in your eCommerce store, you must know about the following new #Magento commerce cloud features.
• New ECE-TOOLS package to manage & deploy stores
• Seamless production deployment & configuration workflow
• Increased speed of production deployments
• Simplified build/deploy process management
• Enhanced security through a fast web application firewall
To know how these features help in boosting #eCommerce business performance, visit #Magentodevelopmentservices #Thedigitaldepartment
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