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The Cancer Fight
Helping those affected by cancer like never before.
Helping those affected by cancer like never before.

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Ever wonder how Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) develops from cancer? Check out this first-hand account by +Mark Liederbach.  

If you know someone who is going through a very rough time in their lives due to cancer or has passed, feel free to share a brief message.  We will certainly keep them in our thoughts.

Are you nervous about an upcoming treatment? Did you just receive an unfortunate diagnosis from your doctor? We want to use this section for a Q&A-style conversation. Here you can ask others who have gone through similar situations about your concerns.

You can use this section to express the fight you've had with cancer. Here you can talk about anything from what treatment felt like, to how it feels upon reaching remission.  Your story may help others!

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Our Cancer Fighters Community is officially up and running! It's by request-only for the safety of its users, but feel free to join!

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Below is Our Official Community Guidelines Page

We will use the guidelines on this document to moderate this community to the best of our ability. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us on our Google+ Page.

Welcome to +The Cancer Fight's Official Community Page

This community will allow those affected by cancer to talk with others.  We want to promote discussion that can help people to handle their fight against cancer.

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Do you want to stream your own cancer discussion on +The Cancer Fight? We have an online service just for that! Just sign up and tell us a little about your discussion.

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Mind Over Cancer

Tell cancer how you really feel! Share your stories, experience and successes against cancer. Help others overcome their struggle, and give the fight against cancer a collective voice!

Can't make it in person? Send your message through +LIVESTRONG's Facebook and Twitter app!

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New Article About Mental Strength After Treatment

"Tomorrow, I will be getting the blood test and chest X-ray results from last week.  As I’m preparing myself for the news, I find that with each appointment, I am more and more confident that the troubles of my past are finally just that, the past".
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