The hangout will be starting in just under 30 mins.

Remember, if you wish to be an active participant, then you need to circle +Plus Real Time and wait for the invite to join.

You can watch the hangout live in your G+ stream, or on our website at

See you soon!
VoIP - still the right choice for business?

Monday 16th @ 10am (UK)
(Check your time zone: )

After our short Easter break, we're back and asking if VoIP is still a compelling choice for small and medium businesses. In particular, we'll be asking if the tradition reason for choosing a VoIP solution, cost of calls, still applies.

We'll have VoIP experts from around the world, so if you are considering a VoIP solution now or in the future then this hangout is a must for you.

We'll be running this hangout 'On Air' courtest of +Plus Real Time - so if you want to attend then head on over and circle the page.
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