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Join the Event and Submit Your Photo to The Arcanum Photo Critique and Make-Over

The Arcanum Photo Critique and Make-Over with +Lisa Bettany +Rick Sammon +dave cross and +Trey Ratcliff   Feb 10, 7 PM PT, 10 PM ET

As we march toward opening the doors to, you're invited to participate in this special event just for our community!

Through participating in this event our community will get a taste of The Arcanum Experience: Learning through constructive critiques, which is just one of the many things that happen inside the hallowed magical doors!

To Join the Live Event:

Visit the link to the Event in this post and sign up. 
The Arcanum Photo Critique and Make-Over event is a Google+ Hangout On Air, open to the public, scheduled for Monday February 10th at 7pm PT, 10pm ET.

To Submit a Photo to be Considered for the Event:

You must submit a single candidate photo by Sunday, February 9th 11pm PT to be considered for the random selection.  
To submit your photo, please comment on this post and add a link to your photo. 

You don’t need to have to apply to the Arcanum to participate, but it would be great if you would consider. Simply visit and click the “Apply Now” button.

We truly hope you'll submit a photo to be critiqued. If not, no worries at all!  Either way, you can watch the live event! :)

And if you're wondering when the doors will officially open for The Arcanum, the answer is as soon as magically possible!  We're doing a test run right now with all the Masters to work out any kinks.  Also, we are a bit (!!) overloaded with Apprentice applications, so it will take a while to ramp up.  It may be a good opportunity for you to pop over and update your application at !

Thank you!
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Still waiting for my invite. Google Glass user, too
Efrain, your are only supposed to submit one photo. They are not critiquing portfolios.
Ha my fault, will fix that asap!... Thanks Larry...
Sean G
My submission. Hope you like.
Sent direct post. With link to this post.
I'd love to be critiqued.  This is a shot that I feel that I worked the scene and ended up with some to choose from.  I would love to hear how my view of a scene is different from another's.  Thanks for considering me!
Can someone please tell me if my link works. I've posted numerous times and links doesn't seem to work. I want to make sure this one does...

Would gladly appreciate it...

Yes, sorry. Look at the previous post before the one asking to see if it works. I have them back to back.. On the phone so it's a little more difficult to post than a PC.
Thank you, I appreciate it. Good luck on your post.
Hello to all the Masters and Apprentices out there!

Here is my submission for the critique session:

I can't wait to be part of The Arcanum experience!
Hi Everyone,
This is my submission - a wild shot from Copenhagen and one I will put on (my first ever) exhibition Art Monaco 2014 later this year:
Still puzzled as to where to submit an image
Looking forward to the event. Here is my submission.  /Users/mparker/Pictures/Lightroom Photos/Recent Works and Files, Downloads/MpixPro/Sailboat B&W.jpg
Looking forward to sitting in on the hangout tomorrow. My submission is a long exposure, shot with a neutral density filter to give me enough time to walk into the frame and light the 2 subjects with an ICE Light. Some photoshop work was required to clean up some ghosting and dodge and burn a bunch of stuff.  Thanks for your consideration.
Hey, it's on my Birthday too. :-) I find it difficult to choose an image for this. However, in the interests of looking for a critique, I do more street photography than anything else at the moment so I'll submit this one, taken on a cold smoggy morning in Shanghai last month. 

I know it has it's faults so a good chance to learn from the Masters. 
Ah Ight... I'll submit this shot I took this week.  I spotted this lone fella playing inside an art gallery.  I took the shot outside of the door, through the painted lettering.  The guitar player later said this shot perfectly summed up his career.  I didn't ask.
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