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#WinterSkinCare – Simple Ways to Keep Your Skin Smooth and Soft !

Winter is not just a cold weather but it is practically cold on everything from our skin to our body. The weather has low humidity which results into dryness and steals all the moisture from the skin every day.

So find some Simple Winter Skin Care Ways to Keep Your Skin Smooth and Soft because if you let your skin bear the brunt of this weather you are sure to end up with dry and cracked skin. The harsh winds, indoor heaters, hot showers and harsh cleaners can make the problem worse for you.

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Winter is coming!

Are you prepared? #skincaretips

Top 5 Winter Skin Care Tips

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Skin Care Tips for Big City Life -

There's obviously quite a bit of differences between living in a major #city and living in the suburbs or country. To try to explain them all here would take more than a few posts and is probably better suited for a full-length paper or book.

And while some of those differences are obvious and come immediately to mind, there are some that many of us might not immediately consider...such as skin care.

That's right - caring for your skin and what you should do in a city can change quite a bit as opposed to a small town. This article on +SheKnows highlights a few specific skin care tips for living in a major metropolitan area:

There’s no time for no SPF. In addition to applying sunscreen daily in the morning, Kirsch reapplies mineral powder sunscreen before going back outside. “You’re outside so much in the city, and it’s easy to forget that you’re always, always, always exposed to the sun,” she says.

Another tip? Use +Éternel Skin each and every day to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and to effectively turn back the clock on aging. Learn more here:

#skin #skincare #skincaretips #beautytips #eternelskin

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Home Remedies for Peeling Skin

1. Olive Oil
Apart from various other benefits of olive oil, it has been widely used for treating peeling skin. Apply olive oil directly on the affected skin. This will provide you instant relief.
2. Home made Paste
Mix together olive oil, rose water, lemon juice, and egg yolk to prepare a fine paste and apply it on the affected area.
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My Night Skin Care Tips
The best time of the day to cleanse your face, leave products or let your face breathe is at night.  Here I am going to list some tips I recommend for anyone looking for daily night skin care tips: • Cleanse :  This is a given, but sometimes it is easy to s...

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