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The Adventurous Mailbox
A fascinating world is on the way...
A fascinating world is on the way...


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Our Series One packages
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In Series One, Book Three: Thailand, Crameye runs into a a friendly Buddhist monk while on a walk to get out of a serious funk he is in. Curious as ever, he takes the opportunity to ask the monk a few questions:

“Can I ask you a question or two, sir?”

“Of, course,” he answered while still smiling.

“Well, first of all, what’s up with the robes you wear?”

“This is a tradition started by Lord Buddha. He wore clothes he sewed together from scraps that he found or that were given to him. In that time, most of the fabric was this color. So we dress like this to honor him.”

“Why would you want to wear clothes made from scraps?”

“We wear clothes that are as simple as possible, so we are not distracted from our practice. That is why we shave our heads, too.”

“I was about to ask about that. I figured that you all just wanted to look cool. So, what do you guys do all day?”

“Well, we wake up very early and pray. Then we have a simple breakfast made for us by someone in the outside community. After breakfast, we may meditate, or take care of the grounds of the temple. After lunch, some of us may teach younger monks, and some of us may go out into the community to ask for food or money to help with our practice.”

“Please don’t take this the wrong way, but doesn’t that make you kind of a bum? I mean, what do the people who help you get out of it?”

“People have busy lives. They work jobs, they have obligations to friends, family and society, they have stress and anger: all the things that take you away from a peaceful self. We have chosen to give up all the pain and struggle in the world for a simple life of thought. And as much as we are focused on this search, we are also focused on the outside community, always open to sharing what we discover and helping whenever we are asked. For this, people thank us by providing us with food and clothes.”

“Wow!  No job. Sounds pretty sweet.”

“Actually, giving up the outside world also means giving up the pleasures, too. No delicious food, no computer games, no music stuck in our ears, no romance, no family of our own, no exciting travel, no comfortable beds…”

“Okay,” I interrupted. “I see your point. It has to be tough. But, why would you put yourself through it all?”

“Because, the world you can explore while focused inward, as opposed to outward like in the outside world, can reveal a peace and calmness that makes the struggle worthwhile. We can reach a place where our existence becomes perfectly clear. We call it enlightenment. It takes us years and years of study and practice to reach it, but that is our goal.”

Completely impressed with this guy, and kind of calmer just from talking to him, I lowered my head a little in respect and asked as meekly as I could, “Do you think you could help me get out of my funk?”

Again, he pointed to the same stairs as before and just smiled.  


After this encounter, Crameye's Thai adventure begins and ultimately takes him through the jungles of Thailand where, with the help of a few tigers, a monkey, and his kid sister, he finally gets out of his funk.
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