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The X-ALE: AthensLegacyEntertainment, "Your Home For The Best New Rock Alternative!"
The X-ALE: AthensLegacyEntertainment, "Your Home For The Best New Rock Alternative!"


Seasonal Disorder

Apparently, there has been a brouhaha as some broadcaster in Cleveland (the Ohio version) dropped the winter favorite ‘Baby, It’s Cold Outside’ due to its lyrics being "offensive".

Originally composed in '44 by Frank Henry Loesser, who wrote lyrics and music for Broadway musicals and such, the song was written in an era when Hollywood celebrities attending parties were expected to perform, so he wrote the song for him and his wife, Lynn Garland, to sing. It became a hit and they’d even perform it late so guests would know it was time to leave. In '48, Loesser sold it to MGM for inclusion with the '49 romantic comedy, Neptune's Daughter. The song eventually won an Academy Award! Over the years the tune has been covered numerous times with varying success on the charts. And, like 'Jingle Bells,' it’s not really even a Christmas song but has been accepted as one.

Out of all things to be offended by during the holiday season, a classic carol?! So silly. There’re many better choices available, not the least of which is a seemingly all-knowing Santa breaking in, seeing you sleep, and bringing bribes. Yikes!


P. S. – Can’t we all just get along?! Lest not forget the real reason for the season, eh, "…and on Earth, peace, good will toward men." Whoops. Save the humans!

P. P. S. – Always thought it’d be awesome to have Skid Row’s 'Get The Fuck Out' as a curtain call. Nice!
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The answer, friend, is found around life’s constant Carnival.

"It's gettin’ 'Under My Skin,' this low-down feeling, don't know what I did but I done it good, tomorrow come and I'll be waiting with my head held high, I'm not looking to run, and you took me down, and what a slow fall, but what I needed to be right here, and for one, it seems that I've found that all the answers were all so clear, ‘cause I've been taking my time, baby, and I ain't talking too much lately, oh, I don't know what I want, can you help me, ‘cause I've been wasting my time, momma, and I don't know what I need, can you help me to find something, it's gettin’ Under My Skin!”

Briston Maroney embarks on his third EP in a desperate song.


P. S. - Not too keen on giving props for those who resort to game shows for finding success, kinda flies in the face of all those pounding the pavement, but since he failed a few years ago, that’s fair penance. After all, it is a nice bluesy riff.
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The first step is acceptance then you can consent for cure so, Ok, I'm Sick.

"I tried it once before but I didn't get too far, I felt a lot of pain but it didn't stop my heart, and all I really wanted was someone to give a little fuck, but I waited there forever and nobody even looked up, I tried it once before and I think I mighta messed up, I struggled with the veins and I guess I didn't bleed enough, but maybe I'm alive because I didn't really wanna die, but nothing very special ever happens in my life, I tried it like before and this time I made a deep cut, I thought about my friends and the way I didn't give enough, and I shoulda told my mother, mom, I love you like a good son, but this life is overwhelming and I'm ready for the next one, I tried it once again and I think I might black out, I shoulda left a letter but I had nothing to write about, my blood is all around me, I get dizzy if I stand up, the cutting part was easy but regretting it is so fucked, I tried it once again and I think I went too far, I cut a little deeper and the pressure stopped my heart, I couldn't tell my mother, mom, I love you, I'm a bad son, this life is overwhelming and I'm ready for the next one, take the blade away from me, I am a freak, I am afraid that all the blood escaping me won't end the pain, and I'll be haunting all the lives that cared for me, I died to be the white 'Ghost' of the man that I was meant to be!"

Badflower releases their album debut's first single in an acoustic treatment.

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Post debut and still wanting for that 'Hollywood Ending'.

"It broke my heart when you left me, I was so shattered, I could hardly see, a year went by and you took my friend, you said you cared when you lied to my face, you played a game, making lots of mistakes, I gave my heart then you took my control, I was on my own, and now you think you're a rock star, glasses at night hiding who you are, you fooled around thinking you’re a king, how was I to know, I was all alone, the end, when will it begin?!"

Starcrawler rounds out the year of their opening act with a bonus track.

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You and yours or in family fun, here's one spun for eccentric familial flair.

"It's the 'Strangest Christmas Yet,' it'll take some time to forget, we tip our glasses, give a hug, and toast to Christmas cheer and count the months until we get to see them all next year!"

Lookin' for that not so traditional holiday, festive fare? Look no further than Steve Martin and The Steep Canyon Rangers with The Long-Awaited Album.

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Life's perhaps not so wonderful, but it's what you make it that's Wunderbar.

"I saw an old friend the other day, been a while since I'd seen his face, he never settled for second best, he stood at the top looking down on the rest, he always seemed to have it made, but now the light had begun to fade, and he was stuck in a fight within, couldn't come back down from where he'd been, hardly recognized his face, I did my best trying to pretend, but I could see that he'd reached the end, he said, do me a favor and don't look back or sit around thinkin' ‘bout what you don't have, now my friend's no longer here, I still remember his words so clear, do me a favor and don't look back, look up around and see what you have, oh, it's not real, on the 'Otherside,' shit's always better on the Otherside, there's nothing over there on the Otherside!"

The Living End lends an inconvenient truth on their overall eighth album.


P. S. - Kinda sounds like The Gaslight Anthem. Almost a cheery somber song, if that's even a thing.
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Sending strength through disparate Signals.

"How did it come to this, walking numb, without conviction, forgotten what your purpose is, something wrong, something missing, shuffle in, shuffle out, everyday, to the grave, don't become another sheep, wait for rules, wait to follow, tragic little comedy, how they spit and you swallow, shuffle in, shuffle out, for the taste, to obey, try and deny there's a meaning, but it won't have worth and it won't have feeling, behind every pulse is a heartbeat, doesn't mean that belief runs clean in the bloodstream, 'cause I know it's hard to fight and not to give in, and I know there's nothing real if you keep living, are you wasting away like a victim, are you chained like a slave to the broken system, and I know there's nothing real if you keep living 'Faithless,' yeah, you're feeling empty, you want to change it, you want to get free, then start with yourself!"

Devour The Day describes the difficult path toward change on their societal storied soundtrack of a third album.


P. S. - Strange. They must have a thing for two syllable song's. The first single and this second sound similar in refrain, [The] Cen-sor and Faith-less. Maybe? Never mind.
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In perpetuity

Yep, this is a rant, but it's a rant that sings the blame since 2003.

Not only is he the worst head coach for post season loses (or is that best) in the entire history of the NFL, but Marvin Lewis still holds the job. Mike Brown, owner of the Bengals, outright refuses to can him and get someone even an inkling better in to lead the team. One has to wonder after all these years what Marvin holds over Mike's head as possible retribution if a firing actually happened. Of course Mr. Brown won't just let him go and waste all that money under contract, so the fans wait and wait and wait for Marvin's contract to expire again and again and again due to him constantly being re-uped even though the Bengals flounder year in and year out under his supposed leadership. Exponentially better coaches have been fired for far less than 16 years and counting of regress.

For the love of football, let the healing begin!

So, around the holidays, fans and would-be fans always hold out for a Christmas miracle.

"All we want for Christmas is a new head coach, gosh, oh gee, how happy we'd be, then Bengals fans could wish Mike, merry Christmas!"



P. S. - What's the point of even caring this much about sports seeing how much these folks make for doing something so seemingly pointless. Be nice if, say, they'd spend some big bucks to come see you at your job every once in a while. Now, that's entertainment!

P. P. S. - Who knows, even the lowliest person can still get struck by lightning. Sooner or later when the wheel of fun is spun, luck can happen to anyone. In this case, would it mean anything after all this time?
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Someday between beginning and end, they'll be a time to See You In The Future.

"In the beginning, there's a heat-wave, it's us from nothing, I caught a red-eye, out to bed-stuy, to get your lovin', 'cause we got no secrets to tell, you know me like I know myself, well, it's alright, all of my time in the world I want you to be my one, girl, it's alright, because you're timeless, you see me clearly, all of the violence turns to silence when you are near me, if you were the 'First Person On Earth,' we would be together when it ends, started when we had no names or words, finishing each other's sentences, nobody understands me, nobody like you do, so if I'm the last one standing, I would wanna watch it burn with you and see it born anew!"

Robert DeLong delivers on a timely tune to his second EP.

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Supergroup pens some deviant sound in a Psychotic Symphony.

"There's a time and a place for it all, inside and under, push and pull with your back to the wall, sinner's design and call, take a piece of my body and mind, don't stop to wonder, through my fingers you'll feel and you'll find, take a ride through my carnal parade, tell me, how are you feelin', feel the burn as your body conveys, you’re my 'Divine Addiction,' it's all coming your way, like a blind affliction, this game of lies, it’s my Divine Addiction, you know it's beggin' you to stay!"

Sons Of Apollo unleashes an unhinged opus for an album debut.


P. S. - With members of Dream Theater, Guns ‘N’ Roses, Mr. Big, and Journey, what's not to like?!
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