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We’ve got another slice of +The Wolverine trailer just for the fans in this exclusive animated GIF.  
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No matter who you are, you don't want to make Logan angry.
I'm sure its still a weak puddle of mess like the last one. 
Or if your one of his enemies which can stop his regen power <_<
Respect to Hugh Jackman for getting in ridiculous shape for the part.This looks mad!!! Looking forward to seeing the trailer. 
just wathche that mmovie 2 nights ago
OH CRAP! Wolverine is gonna take that dude DOWN! :P
i really just cant wait for this movie! wheeeiiww!!
How many wolverine-based movies are they going to make?
WOLVERINE:a cut on my chin again and you are a deadman!!!
that was not his chin dude thats his cheek lol! my cheek was in it's perfect place where its suppose to be.. how about yours? haha!
Don't bring a knife to a Wolverine fight. 
is the movie, he dance the gangnam style
Is that Nightcrawler slicing into Wolverine?
Yes this looks savage! Pun intended.
I want to dance the gangnam style.... 
so skye i think today you eat a piece of shit i right ???
idiot its not video its animation
Im sick i ate to much carne asada
the last part kinda creeped me out........
ایکس منو دوست دارم خیلی 
As a 40yr old I enjoy drinking, sleeping and taking it easy,
who do you think you are +Hugh Jackman :D
hell yeah think of the money you would save not having to go to doctors and kitchen ware lol
Still i believe only 2 characters deserve the Super Hero roles. One is Hugh Jackman for Wolverine and 2nd is Robert JR for Iron Man.
And when is it out in the u.k? He so damn hot
When's there going to be an Origins movie about Jubilee? That's who we are all waiting for a movie about!
Dang, there is a trailer for a trailer ... Lol
very awesome !!! still love hugh as wolveie !!!
If ur de big fan 4 movies u shuld watch dic 1 "dope"
W Bitwa
I kind of wished it would be its own movie apart from the "X-men Origins" saga so that it would be a little darker setting, but glad their telling his story nevertheless.
Omg i cant wait, love these films :-)
Mark F.
Oh yeah!!!!!!
Phil B
Yea that dude just fuckkkkkd up
Look Down, and see, the beggars at your feet...
he's soppose to be in japan trainning with a samurai
Ok.please i will like you to be a friend of me
How many Wolverine/Marvel movies have been made so far....

And yet people are still being brain-washed into watching them

It must be a disease

omg buff Hugh Jackman for the win
logan your the best....i cant wait to watch this movies...
He is the best at what he does, and what he does isn't very nice!
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i wonder where in the Wolverine time this movie takes place?
I can't this :'(
this time it wil be more exciting
the wolverine.........\m/.....waiting for the trailer from like 6 months......
wwwhhhhooooooaa (O_O)!!! that anGRY LOOK!!...AWESOME!! THUMBS UP!
this is perfect for my profile image.
I love Hugh Jackman as Wolverine... He is an awesome actor...
waooow what a movie it's like real.....
Thats real shit . Thats me .
mud 2
That'll be sore in the morning...
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