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Aerial Video Shows Washington, IL Tornado Destruction

Source: WGN-TV
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Hope everyone comes together to help one another. 
Wendy W
You'd be hard pressed to tell if that was Washington, IL or the Philippines, if it wasn't labeled.
my mother in law lives in gtown il and she said it was very bad there 3 hours from chitown
This is sad and unfair. They're close to Thanksgiving and Christmas. Now what are they gonna do? :(
Anonymous user, he was protecting the people of these communities that were affected. There was only one fatality. I do understand tat this is one too many. We only had seconds to take shelter though. We are all thankful for our lives.
Sure glad I don't feel obligated to drop down on my knees before some overlord who dispenses suffering and blessings on a whim.
'GOD' sent the tornados and you're thanking him for not killing you. Arrgghhh.... the stupid!!!!!!

(If he had any influence on the storm he could/should have prevented them. If not, why are you thanking him?)
Just wait he is coming soon..dont asked cox i cant answer u just remember this dear friend god comes along like a death and like thief..unknown
congrat's and god is good all the time
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