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The Weather Channel Companies Acquire Weather Underground
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At this point I am not sure if this is a good thing.... If this is going where I think it might....NOAA will be my only source for weather
+jim zorger  I can't see anyway this could possibly be a good thing :( Unless, of course, I was the owner of the Weather Underground.
I just wish TWC had a decent Android app. Their app is terrible.
I use TWC Android app and BeWeather Pro...yeah, I came from a BlackBerry!  I'm very anxious to see new updates to TWC Android app!
But yeah. Doesn't look good, unless something majorly changes about Wunderground.
The android TWC app wants calender access, no thanks.
i am on wundergroun jeff masters blog handle georgia stormz
i hope we dont get flooded with newbies
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