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Heads up Chicago! Damaging t-storms approaching downtown

Per NWS: Doppler radar indicated a line of severe thunderstorms capable of producing quarter size hail and extreme damaging winds in excess of 100 mph.

Radar Map: 

Severe thunderstorm warnings:

Live camera at Wrigley Field:
Our classic local weather maps for Chicago give you a complete view of current and forecast weather in your area.
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T-storms sound super dangerous. Have you ever seen giant hail? It can be very large. The good thing about rain, hail, and sleet is there can be a rainbow after the storm.
my 81 year old dad had band job -he is a drummer--and my 2 brothers and nephew are also playin drummers!!!jumped in the truck and sped  down the road!!!that sky and storm was wicked!!! took quick pictures ---made sure he and all was kool!!!!GOT A RAIN BATHE AND ALL IS OK!!!HAD TO MAKE SURE ROADIE HELP WAS THERE IF NEEDED!!!!THANX JOE REGGA!!!!!!FOR HELP AND STAGE  _SOUND PA __ECT HELP ME PAPA!!!!RAINED LIKE WOW!!!!SO HE GOT PAID TO SET UP __STORM CAME AND SAT IN AIR!!!!!YOU FESTIVAL PEOPLE GOTTA _KEEP PEOPLE SAFE!!!!!WHEN STORMZ R BAD!!!!!I GUESS WE NEED MORE INDY AND PEOPLE IN HARMZ WAY!!!!ESTUPIDAZ!!!!!!BEFORE SOME IN CHARGE GET IT!!!!!!!!!!!
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