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I'll be giving this a try although I've had problems in the past getting numbers to go directly to voice mail.
Love Google Voice! Still want MMS though.
MMS is the last feature I need before going data only.
There were some rumors about them trialing it with the Sprint carrier integration
I get mms sent to my gmail when sent to my google voice number. I'm on sprint.
Interesting +Jim Avila, I'm going to have someone send me an MMS for a test...

Edit: I had someone from USCellular and a fellow TMobile user both send an MMS to my GVoice, neither came through. :(
Huh, +Jim Avila. I'm on Sprint, and when I get a MMS, I never see a message in Voice or Gmail, but only on my phone as a "New Multimedia Message".
I'm on Verizon, and I only receive MMS from people on Sprint. And what's really funny is someone on a Verizon iPhone started an MMS Group thread to a bunch of people, and I only saw the replies from the Sprint iPhone users. It was really interesting to try to follow the conversation.
If you're a Google Voice user you might also like Groove IP which allows you to make calls over Wifi.
+Jack Owens, I have used Groove IP, but there is a bit of delay, plus it doesn't handle network switching well (i.e. - WiFi to 3G, the call will drop). It would work well for a tablet experience, where you generally are not moving away from your connection all that often.

The major downside to it is Verizon. If I am on 3G and I receive a call over cellular, it will drop the VoIP call because Verizon can't handle calls and data at the same time. This makes it very difficult, if not impossible, to set it up reliably.

For example, I want my cell to ring if there is no data, but without data, I can't change the phones to ring. So, I would have to ring the cell and GTalk all the time. And, once the call comes in on the cell, it will drop the VoIP connection.

So, I just need Verizon to get there butt in gear on VoLTE, and all will be right with the world!!!
+Jack Owens I'm able to make calls over WiFi using Google Voice on my Android. Not sure why Groove IP would be necessary. ...?
+Shelly Bonoan, not all Android phones/carriers can do VoIP natively, and therefore need an app. Even then, there is no way to directly connect to Google Voice without the use of an external VoIP/SIP provider.
+Joseph Cappellino I had a problem with delay also but tweaked one of the settings. Now when I make a call there is a small tone at the beginning and that helps reduce echo and delay. I've gotten a lot less complaints after doing that.

I'm 100% Wifi so I don't have the switching over issue.

I do see settings where I can route my calls to a sip provider and while it seemed interesting I went the app route.
I'm on Verizon and I've gotten MMS sent to Gmail a few times.
Forever sitting in the UK being jealous of all the US citizens who have Google Voice.
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