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Chiraag G
Should have been Linux then Mac, but still, a good step :p
It runs pretty well under wine for most games already, but a linux specific port would be nice.
Sweet. There are three reasons I have to use evil Microsoft's software (Windows). 1 - Photoshop, 2 - Vegas (video editing) and 3 - Gaming. This would take it down to two reasons, and Adobe's new Cloud service is hopefully a step toward a system where I can run Photoshop in a browser!
Thankyou +Alexander Wilms, I only use windows now for music production, i am eagerly awaiting the release of +Bitwig so I can move everything across to linux.
I wonder if their vision of a Steam console/appliance has spurred this. If they want to provide a consistent, controlled experience, a custom Linux box is perfect. The only issue I can see with that is the lack of D3D support, but I'm guessing that evangelism might be another part of Valve's campaign.
With tonnes of web-based editors and many with Layer support and filters similar to Photoshop (see you're almost there. Things like WeVideo you can use online for (collaborative) video editing and has Google Drive integration.
is it that time of the year already? Usually it's a bit later in the year when Steam for Linux news make it out again.
+Sean Campbell, GIMP really cannot do everything Photoshop can. When I have to create web images GIMP is okay, misses some nice functionality of Photoshop but it can suffice. When it comes to photography, there is no comparison. Seriously GIMP is many years behind Photoshop.

I say this as a Web Developer (full-time profession), Photographer (my on-the-side job) and a massive open- and free-software fan that there are applications that one needs Windows or Mac for. Photoshop is one of them. When it comes to Video Editing, it's even worse. GIMP is reasonable but all Linux video editors are atrocious. If I had the skills I would contribute myself.
Wait, does this mean I will be able to play Portal 2 on Ubuntu?
If this happens, there will be ZERO reasons to not use Linux. Right now its mostly because games are a major issue.
+Alexander Wilms Novacut is pretty interesting, I hadn't heard of it until you posted it just now! This seems very interesting and thanks for sharing it. I have been working on getting Openshot running smoothly on Ubuntu but this seems like it may step it up a notch.

Really love that both are FOSS and I love that Novacut matched Ubuntu's version scheme.
I may be able to get rid of windows now xD
+Jason Moller ‘GIMP is many years behind Photoshop’ … so what did photographers do a few years ago when they had Photoshop, nothing?
+John Drinkwater I don't understand your question. I didn't start using Photoshop until 6.0 (2000, 12 years ago) prior to that I wasn't doing digital PP for photography and I was creating web images in (then) Macromedia Fireworks.

If I may explain, every couple of years Adobe release major update to Photoshop. They do this in a couple of major ways, firstly they use their own skill to improve the product, secondly they look at what plug-ins are being used and either purchase the companies/IP behind the plug-in or develop their own functionality. For example, others made HDR composition plug-ins before Adobe added the feature native, others done photo-stitching before Adobe released that native, other companies added RAW support before Adobe added, other companies had content-aware healing before Adobe added and so on. The result is a hugely feature packed piece of software.

When I use GIMP for PP it reminds me very much of Photoshop 6.0 without any plugins. It's a superb programme, I have developed websites purely using Linux with GIMP for the images. It's a great example of free-software. I am not knocking GIMP, I am just stating the fact it's nowhere near on-par with Photoshop for photo-editing. I'm not sure if that answers your question (assuming that was a question, rather than a remark I don't understand either).
This is amazing.

I don't hold any misconceptions about how this will effect gaming in the short term for linux users, but it if a company like Valve can get the ball rolling for Linux gamers, we may see bigger production based companies start doing more to help Linux become a more feasible (sole) Operating System for home users.
Mik M
Valve are always ahead of the rest......great news!
+Rainer Rohde, I work with Linux professionally. While I've always wanted to run Linux at home, I can't justify the dual Operating Systems. Just the prospect of using Linux at home within 5-10 years is fantastic.
This is a "game changer" sort of speak... It sure makes the gaming panorama look brighter for the linux OS platform. I only hope that game developers take the cue and broaden the horizon there as well to cater for the growing community of linux users.
Possible but is it worth it? I honestly wish linux would stay as a developers OS mainstream adoption means mainstream compromises.
Linux is already all over the enterprise, it's powering the most demanding hardware and software. I think Linux should stay as server class software. Speaking of which the latest version of Ubuntu is an abomination.
i thought they dropped this plan last year?

also - i pretty much only use windows because of steam lol
Games for free people, games for #linux !
yay :) .. I am SO happy being a hardcore gamer I always regret how game developers never really cared about linux user's... good work valve :)
Didn't know that was available. I mean, Linux runs free and how they get games??? Unless they have different server for Linux games or put all those Linux games from the software repo to Steam's repo.
? smbdy help me with the whole gamer system my bf is a gamer and i totally think its cute but, ppl need to explain how this process works. lol:)
+sara johnson linux is an awesome operating system that's free. being open source is it's biggest strength and weakness though.

many people love linux for the free aspect and just how well it runs (as long as you don't divide by 0)

the only thing keeps many linux users using windows is because it doesn't have alot of native game support, making it hard to be a gamer
Before that they need to fix some issues in PC and MAC
+Kenny Chu not necessarily all linux games or applications should be free.. there are paid applications and games too.. I am ready to pay for some GOOD games that I can run in my box :)
Since Mac OS 10 is Linux based, then a stand alone linux version would be quite easy as the hard work has already been done.

But then, apple don't make anything themselves these days.
CPU by intel
KB by Asus
OS by Linux

Come on give us Steam Power!
mac is more Unix than Linux - but Linux is based off of Unix... they are very similar but Unix isn't open source
Well .. Unix=Windows=Mac=Linux ... all are based out of Unix...
+James Hamel some humans are snakes and dogs. But I have yet to meet a human fish. That will be my task for the weekend
+foz foster MacOSX is based off of Free BSD Unix, not Linux.

"But then, apple don't make anything themselves these days."

Apple's CPU before Intel were made by IBM, and prior to that Motorolla.

Apple has never made custom hardware outside of their own logic boards. Everything else was licensed.
+Jon Persson for their computers yes it's mostly all intel. but i think it's still mac specific RAM and Hard Drives . . .

but they still use their own tech for Ipads and Iphones
Hasn't Michael Larabel of Phoronix been saying this for like 2 years?
Not really, Justin. The iDevices' motherboards are made by Foxconn. The processors are Apple made I believe.
the processors are apple for sure. but yeah you are right about foxconn
now, that is interesting but are there really that many linux gamers out there?
we usually keep a windows partition for gaming . . but this would mean we don't need it anymore :D
I don't know why Linux is not supported by Steam at the moment, you only need to do a simple Google search.

Steam, as well as most games on it, run fine on Linux using WinE anyway.
Yes, but still, not real support. And take in mind this, today is Steam, luckily in a few years others company will join and Goodbye Windows.
Oh hey another sensational article by Phoronix.
it problem is linux is open sorce meaning the linux for steam might work flawlessly on some distro's but not all..

i think if they stay Debian based with a nice .deb installer they should be fine.. most debian based distros stay "Pure"
This would be Sweet! I could finally dump Windoze all together and still get my Gaming Fix!
This is going to require me reinstalling Linux on my desktop. I can't kick windows to the curb, but I know it will be used far less this way. Steam+Linux FTW!
really nice step forward, for steam as well as for linux
One of the few reasons I still use Windows at home is because of the games. This is great news for the Linux desktop.
Is it for all kind of linux?
If this happens, Valve can be best pony for the day.
Some of the dumbness on this thread hurts my brain. I thought you were better than this Google+. At least there were no fanboy wars in this thread.
So does this mean Steam for Android is not far behind?
I'm wondering if they're making their own distro.
If this is not just another rumor it would be some awesome stuff mates.
Yet Google wont maintain a native version of Picasa for Linux.
I use windows cause i personally think it is better and I don't think this is going to have any significant impact on people's choice of OS. They won't just start selling systems packed with Linux now. This is good news for Linux uses nothin more.
+Thomas Jones Google barely maintain any support at all for Picasa for windows as it is - the support branch for it is pretty damn terrible, and the standard response for anything is 'delete your entire database, add from scratch'.
Mike O
Seeing is believing. Linux client was supposedly under development before the Mac client but they cheapest out. I would love better Linux support for newer games especially. As it is I boot into Windows once a week for gaming and use Steam and Origin. Linux has had accelerated video with Nvidia for at least 10 years now.
eagerly anticipates never using windows again
Same problem on Mac. More games are available now that Steam is there, but I still end up booting to Windows for some.
Woot! Now if only we could get Netflix to work. Haha.
Crap, this means it's going to be decades before the Mac Steam client works correctly...
Amazing how active this story has made things. Things were far simpler with a ZX81, crap on just about everything, but far simpler :)
guys, the screenshot is of it on ubuntu. it is not a new distro. i swear the people on the internet...
Hopefully I will be able to drop Windows for Linux, not sure what games will be available tho. I like Ubuntu but all my Steam games are on my windows 7 machine.
If it really happens...CANT WAIT :D
Lool Linux is crap I had it... now I'm on windows 7 :p itz, using Linux is basically hell
+Jon Persson that school of thought is also incorrect. Apple didn't design the PowerPC processors, IBM and Motorolla did. Apple just paid a very cheap price to have them mass-produced in their machines.

Only the logic boards and chassis were custom-designed by Apple throughout history.

This is common knowledge people.
+Colin Kiama and yet you are writing this on Google + which is also powered by linux maschines.... many times havent we heard this?
Really nice!! I am looking forward. This can be the the final small thing that is needed to get people to develop more Games or Software for Linux
+Colin Kiama , I strongly disagree. Linux is the best OS, you can do anything on Linux, you're not limited to what Microsoft or Apple thinks you should or shouldn't do. It's just that it's not for everyone, you must be skilled to use it.
Hehe, "I had it" That's funny. I had it at Red Hat 5 too, it was crap. Now if it has drivers for your hardware it's fricken brilliant. What's most interesting is that Linux actually now has more developers and more mainstream company support than Windows and OSX combined. What Microsoft should be worried about his history. Windows didn't take off until it supported any games and once Linux has some mainstream game support it's going to start killing Windows.
This will boost the market share of the DESKTOP, for sure.

Everything on your dash? GPSs and radar detectors? Linux.
Every kind of smartphone? Linux.
Everything wearable? MP3 players, etc? Linux.
Everything Apple makes? Linux' older sister BSD.

We've already won. The desktop is dying; it's taking Microsoft with it; that's why Gates retired.
Well, I wouldn't surprised if they made their own linux version of Steam OS. Well, they had 2 years of this happening and they heaven't told any one. Why? Another thing is that both Ubuntu and Mac are based of Debian, so they could change the code a bit from the Mac version of steam and ported over to Ubuntu. Easy!
There's money to be made from Linux users. The Humble Indie Bundle proves that. I have Steam installed on my linux using WINE but it's less than perfect. Portal runs 'pretty' nicely on it but to have it running natively would be pure joy. Also Left for Dead 1 and 2 would be great (L4D 1 works but is not perfect). If this would come to fruition then Steam would make an instant buck from me as I would SNAP L4D2 up in an instant! Right now, I can't be arsed booting into windows for a 5 minute game of GTAIV (which I love but it doesn't work in WINE for me...)

Please do this VALVE!!!
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