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Google+ interface gets a major facelift with customizable navigation

Anyone seeing the new design yet?
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Saw it on a page I administer, not on my own profile yet.
I am not,hell,I never received the Google Bar either(which is now replaced again,I received the replacement though).
I wish I could force it to switch to new design like we could on Google Bar
Still no update for me, actually the reason I logged in.
Will it support text styling, or are we still stuck with 5 point text size and default leading?
Seeing it now. It looks great! Definitely feels like a second generation rather than another iteration.
one of the 3 pages I administer has been upgraded. not my actual account yet.
Looks to much like Facebook's timeline. :P
This means G+ must be getting really poor use. The redesign is also a lot like Facebook was a few years ago...
I'll be interested to see if G+ users react the same way Facebook's users do when they push new designs. I anticipate they won't.
Nothing. Slow rollout. Don't mind it looking like old Facebook, I go on Facebook now and haven't got a clue what to do with it, and I'm a geek.
Looks like something you'd see on a well-designed tablet app. Wishful thinking?
its not international is it ? classic google U.S only
It's not US only. I'm in the UK.
Not getting it yet but i'm anxious to check it out. The pics make it look pretty promising.
Looks great. Any idea as to when this is rolling out?
My biggest hope that they apply this interface to the tablet version of the Android app! I still really can't stand the stretched UI...
I've got it after a browser restart (the tab is pinned in Chrome and manually refreshing it sometimes goes a little goofy)
This is a big change. Wish you could collapse the left column though.
Not yet . Pretty darn impressive though , hope google+ has a better future than what google wave saw back in its days .
gawd if it looks like faceshnook i'm quitting g+ too
I haven't gotten it yet but like the looks of it. There is one part in the vid towards the end that looks like FB Timeline however. Hopefully it's not as bad.
Still nothing here. Same G+ as I am used to seeing. Hopefully the changes push through soon! This could be a good change for +Google !!!! Then they can hang with the likes of Facebook.
Looking good - I'm lucky enough to have it now and it's a BIG improvement.
Its great interface i Love G+
wow. liking the google. liking almost better than facebook
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