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so the smartphone world is divided into Apple iOS and Samsung Android. 
+Hitesh Bhatt why? I'd buy another Sony just for the camera, it sound quality is pretty good too.
Jens H.
+Calvin Lam it doesn't but I heard it's no good business stockpiling tons of soon-to-be-old devices, so I'd guess most of them are being sold :)
+Hitesh Bhatt There's nothing to regret, Sony Ericsson was an amazing copany that used to innovate a lot, Samsung has always been a copycat!

One year ago I could buy SGSII, but I chose an Xperia arc instead. I would never support Samsung. SE (now Sony) ftw! <3
I think on some level, this should be concerning to +Google . If so much of +Android 's success hinges on #Samsung, there is a significant risk of them losing more control of their product. Or worse, #Samsung could try to build out it's own OS maybe even forking +Android again like #Amazon did. I really feel like Google has to make +Motorola stronger, if nothing more than a fallback if things go sour with #Samsung
Jens H.
Why should Google bother? They'll be happy as long as those devices also display ads..
+Ryan Light HTC and Motorola will do just fine again as soon as they stop putting crappy skins and bloatware on their Android phones.
+Jens Hilgart I don't think that a Kindle Fire (which is based on Android) is able to display Google Ads. Samsung, Amazon, and so on, do not depend on ads as their cash income. They sell hardware and/or software. And what +Aja Hemphill meant was if Samsung decides to modify their Android devices in the same way as Amazon did, then maybe some Google services won't work (because Samsung wants to force their own?)... 

+mathew murphy you mean like Samsung is putting Touchwiz-UI on Android? =) 
Hey don't forget Huawei :) l love my ascend g300,probably one of the best budget smartphones around.
Samsung still screws with all of its customers on the ICS (and soon Jelly Bean) upgrades. Way too slow in coming. My next phone will be a Nexus device for sure, no matter who manufactures it.
+buster brojeni false, Samsung is being excessively slow with ICS upgrade for my non-carrier Galaxy Tab 8.9 as well. It's Samsung's own skin/bloatware that is holding things up...
How do you like them apple's Apple :p
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