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Still downloading.....this thing should really be available as a torrent.
When you get millions of people downloading from one source torrent is the way to go, usually.
you can turn off the touch interface right? how does the classical desktop version look like?
+Vishal Laul Okay thanks. But it's actually possible? I would have thought the requirements would have been Windows 7.
+Mike Keller I don't think its possible, though maybe its possible to upgrade from the Developer Preview.
I like them simplifying things, but not completely changing Windows. Why not just keep the Start menu? I'll adjust but there are people, specifically business people or older people who want that. Its been the industry standard around the world for a reason. Probably why business continues to stick with XP and will be reluctant to change to Windows 8.
The funny side effect? VirtualBox download page is over capacity... :)
Installed on my CR-48, not liking this as desktop version, but I know this isn't my typical windows.
My Vista laptop seems to have all the system requirements for Windows 8 beta. Think it is worth installing?
+Mike Keller I just installed on my laptop, but I may go back to Windows 7 or Ubuntu. Not liking this Metro. I'm old school.
When you install the setup it ask you if you want to install or install on an other partition with usb key(3 gb min) or iso.
I am sure there is a way to dual boot, but I would just download virtualbox and have it play around there, if your old school windows. You might not want to waste your time with dual booting.
I can see this better on a tablet then PC. Just not recommend for pc, Vary annoying to have to move your mouse to certain spots for menu to pop up. I believe Desktop should be default then just go into "metro"
Yeah the tablet version looks really well done but the pc is like crap. Why don't didn't do the swipe thing with the mouse while holding the button it think would work.
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