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Are you excited about Facebook Home? Will you use it on your Android device?
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here we are on google+.... fuck facebook
Anton K
Don't care, do not want. No.
Tim May
I'm more excited about the dentist.
No and No. Need I remind anyone about the Microsoft KIN? The Microsoft Social MySpace bastardization that was so short lived that it caught the 10 customers who purchased one offguard?
I'll probably give it a spin. Can't say I'll honestly use it full time though.
This has got to be some kind of prank. 
I'll try it just out of curiosity. 
Going by Facebooks android app standards it will be buggy and horrible, and to be honest I like my apps more than people 
I don't think I'd want a launcher that has ads.
I'm interested to see where it goes. While it is not something I'll use, I think it's a great move by Facebook and will be successful.
I left fb because it is complete crap
a tip for future posts +The Verge , if you want to make these poll type posts: create the post, add a comment for each answer you want (yes, no, maybe, hell no, etc), and then LOCK the post, and have people +1 the appropriate answer
I just realized the irony of The Verge asking this question on Plus. X)
Tim May
If they spent their time building a real solid/fast android App, now that would be something
gonna try it not gonna give it an always when it comes to my launcher though they stepped back to gingerbread on icon functionality i feel
No way in hell I'll install this ;-) 
I honestly love the concept, and I'm happy that it is available to everyone. This seems to me to be a logical step for Android, and I wish Google+ had the same thing. Will I use it? Probably not.
I thought they were coming up with their own phone?
Nope. But I will definitely try how works. 
Not really a Facebook fan, and i don't smoke either.. but back when everyone else was smoking i would still be outside with the smokers and talk to them because, hey they were my friends. Same with Facebook, everyone is smoking so i have to be on Facebook as well..

And this sounds like a cool app for smokers and non smokers.. i hope i will be able to adjust just how much it ends up leeching on my other apps. And most importantly, i hope Google lets this thing do what it does without cockblocking it just because it isn't google+
+The Verge I won't, but mainly because I think Zuckerberg has it backwards.  I don't want my phone to be focused on the other people in my life. My phone is very personal.  There are far more things I do on my GS3 that DON'T involve sharing, or seeing what others are doing.  This includes gaming, reading, listening, shopping, and most importantly assisting my life. So it's zero steps to the news feed, but how many extra steps to get to Maps, or the traffic for my ride home?  How many extra steps to get to my calendar, which I use as a widget right now?  It's not my friends' phone.  It's mine.
I don't like it, too invasive for me. It wont be in my Android for sure.
Nope. Don't have a Facebook account and don't plan on getting one anytime soon.
If you understand what a launcher is, then it's probably not for you. 
I might give it a go on my tablet that I don't use too often (if there's even a tablet app I haven't looked that up) but never on a device I pick up a few times an hour 
No, but I do wish Google can make a G+ home launcher for Android. 
I don't buy phones that come preloaded with facebook.
I would have tried it out but no Nexus support is a dead on delivery for me
Really? What is this all about? Do we need a more convenient way to use a program that we have been using for years? Oh do we need a whole piece of hardware dedicated to navigating it? They should pool their resources into improving their app instead of creating all this fuss around an android home replacement.
Char G
No & no...
Here's what I'll do:  If it works on my S3, I'll try it out for  probably 10 minutes. See what it has to offer.  Uninstall it.

I barely use Facebook as it is.  I certainly don't use it enough to keep something like that on my phone for any longer than a brief period of merely seeing what it's all about.
It's basically a downgrade of a functional phone into a mostly 1 function device.  I don't understand why people would install it.
Imagine a chromebook in phone form, but instead of chrome OS its Facebook. Yeah... No thanks.
you're asking the wrong (e.g. biased) crowed verge rofl
Dave C
Hell no. Worst thing possible.
no, i think we should all go back to livejournal.
i will try it, but if it aint customizable like nove-launcher and such other launchers it would be no point since i use more then facebook on my cell. I think im more on G+ these days.
Not available on N4, maybe because it's a Google product? :-)
Yeah, for sure. Too bad I don't have a facebook account :)
Smart move by face book. But I still hate it and will never use it...
Nope, I won't... Cause I'm on Google+:) 
No and no. I left Facebook over 2 years ago and never looked back.
This is like asking if you like Justin Bieber at a Metallica concert. 
I will try it. But I don't expect to really like it more than the stock home screen. Wouldn't it be nice to be surprised?
I'm going to try it at least. Can't criticise until you've experienced it. 
And if any update forces it, I'll uninstall and sue the bastards.
+Roy Delgado That's a nice way of putting it. I think I want my phone to be increasingly personal as well. Though, I think there are plenty of people (not represented here) who could certainly benefit from a more social phone experience. I might even be ok with switch it on and off, depends on the time of the day.
Goodness, no. It was tough enough getting those motherzuckers to delete my FB account.
Assuming it works perfectly, doesn't slow down the phone, drain battery, or hog data I still wouldn't use it. I can barely stand checking facebook once a week. In fact, I don't know anyone who says "I wish it was easier to constantly be on facebook." Even people who check facebook obsessively are usually trying to cut down.
Nah, it doesn't look excited other than messaging integration...i can live with widget rather than folder/widget-less facebook home..
No, but I barely use facebook anyway. 
I am excited about it, but I will not use it. I think innovation in the way we interact with our devices is good in general.

One of things I appreciate about FB Home is that according to a hands-on video from another site, I can turn it off and revert to stock-android. I wish other device makers would develop off-switches for their overlays.

Or perhaps AOSP could develop the once-rumored Theme Manager for KLP. That would be even better.
As if I need Facebook to suspiciously drain even more of my GS3's battery. Definite no.
I'm looking forward to trying it for the novelty, but I have a feeling that's all it's gonna be.  
No chance in hell.  While it is pleasant looking and appears to function well, it just isn't useful in my opinion.  Unless you absolutely live on FB all of the time, it just muddles the process of doing anything else on your phone.

Even if you use FB all of the time it seems like it'd be a little cumbersome.  It just doesn't show you enough info.

They did a nice job, but it looks like it would annoy me.
ubik q
Facebook as an operating system is dumb idea ,I don't mind visiting every now and again but I wouldn't want to live there perminantly .
Imagine that promo video but instead of a guy sitting in an airplane itt's a guy sitting in the toilet.
Never. I uninstalled the app after the last fiasco. 
I said no before you even asked. It's Facebook, so why even ask?
No. I think Facebook is throwing things at the wall to see what sticks. No coherent plan at all; the opposite of Google the past couple of years. I like the Google vision of what my mobile experience should be, particularly with Google Now. What I don't want is Social in my face every time I look at my phone. It just gets old. 
I'll take it over Samsungs shitty touch wiz nature.. 
I think that most of us here like google+ better. So, no we wont use it.
Hi, did google+ figure a way to share with facebook and twitter yet?
i think its too much facebook :)
No it looks horrible I couldn't think of anything worse. My wife is going to love it. 
Ill give it a try!
I'm not sure about it though...
No I'm not excited about Facebook home, and no I despise Facebook as it is, so no I don't plan on having it installed anywhere. Facebook integration into everything reminds me of the dandy old Norton antivirus of the 90s. It just won't go away... Or shut up.. and if you try to be rid of it, you always get some sort of backlash... Like files that won't uninstall and other garbage.
I'd like to try, but no no no:) 
I don't use the Facebook app at the moment. 
Although I still visit Facebook occasionally, the app is so crappy that I've uninstalled it from my Nexus 4 phone and my Nexus 7 tablet. I just use Chrome. So I'm very, very, very unlikely to use Facebook Home.
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