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+Claudio Ibarra I run that. Speeds up everything. Fuck the ads, just cripple the free app and sell a premium version.
Just buy them if you enjoy them?
So basically, if you want more efficiency, buy your apps instead of using the add -supported free ones.
+Esa Edvik you know one of teh worst apps I have for ads is EA's scrabble.. but you think they would sell an ad free version? hello no... so dissappointing.
I like the option of the free version to be able to test drive the app before a full purchase, especially with the short time frame that Google gives you for refunds. I personally have replaced the majority of the free apps with the paid version which solves the ad sucking problem.
"And Microsoft." End.
+Claudio Ibarra ...and all the android devs will love you for your attitude! since, you know, they live off air and the good feeeling that you got your app for free... And that's why good quality apps are either severely crippled in their "free" version or there is no free version at all... so yeah thanks...
+Ciny Marcinko Then have them make a crippled version thats free. Don't make one version and have ads in it. Also, the market supporting in-app upgrades would help.
In all fairness, what are we complaining about here. when most apps cost $2-$3, it seems a bit silly to go to extremes just to not get the add supported apps. now if you are paying for an app, I agree it should be full featured and not add supported at all. Add supported apps serve a purpose (mainly to test drive an app and see if you would really like to buy it). Seeing how aggressive the advertising is getting in some free apps (flashing adds in your notification app), I would happily end that nonsense by buying an App I might want (at least until my phone gets old and I'm forced to root it - then I would add an add blocker)
If I use an app with ads, I don't only not disable them, but try to make it a point to click on those ads too... It's not much effort for the use of an app, even if I'm test driving it...
+Claudio Ibarra Well that's what reviews and ratings are for. if the app sticks ads in your face all the time and barely does what it should rate it as that and leave a comment warning other users that there may be a better alternative. if it does everything it should and has obtrusive ads on it you can give a "would rate 5 stars if it weren't for those meddling ads". This way you also leave feedback for the dev who might happen to care and reconsider...
If I didn't have ad revenue, I wouldn't publish my app.
This is why I buy the premium or donate version of any app I like that offers one. My goal is to be %100 ad-free on my phone. I know there are adblock apps out there, but they kill Hulu. Besides, I like supporting the devs.
Ads are like a wife telling hubby to take out the trash.......they dont hear it.........and i dont see those ads. Ive never clicked on one.
+Paul Henning because not everyone shares your vision... Some people refuse to pay for apps...
+Anthony Garrett: I repeat: so just uninstall. Ripping them off isn't helping anything, other than your idle amusement. I can't stand Glu Mobile's crap either, which is why you'll never find another one of their apps on my devices, simple as that.
+Jens Knutson ripping them off? I've been supporting them for the longest and just spent $1.99 on glu credits which I regret but they need to re think the way they push there apps
+Anthony Garrett The vast majority of apps offer a choice to pay and get rid of ads, however serving up ads allows developers to capture revenue they wouldn't have otherwise got from people who refuse to pay and aren't bothered by ads.
+James Pakele +Anthony Garrett Agreed. The only add supported app I have is Angry Birds. All the rest I paid for, in part to avoid the adds. If does not take a rocket scientist to figure out that they access the web and download. On the other hand adding to 75% app battery drain is not all that big a deal. The main battery drain when using an app actively is the display.
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