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$269 million tax charge against Amazon settled with investment and job creation plans
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Adding sales tax to online purchases will reduce sales, what's the advantage of shopping online if this becomes the norm?
It says Nevada will be getting sales tax from Amazon in the next two years... Time to find another online store
darn, I usually buy my more expensive electronics on Amazon to hold down the cost.
People still use local retailers?
+Don DeCaire Being able to shop in my underwear without getting arrested is still an advantage.
The advantage to shopping online is not having to deal with people.
Shit, I buy almost exclusively on Amazon for free shipping and no tax. Not cool Texas, not cool.....
Does this include digital stuff like games and music? That's all I ever buy from Amazon these days.
Governments want to tax everything everywhere. That way can go and play at Vegas (ie the GSA) and you can serve them. Freedom is dying in America.
funny that a republican state would push to add taxes to something, I thought that was a liberal attack against America. :-P
Phew, no tax for hawaii... yet.
And.... canceling my prime account right ... about ... now. done!
I normally go straight to Amazon when ordering online. Now I'm going to shop around a bit more before deciding. Won't be the no-brainer it was before.
Hey Texas, welcome to the party
Dear Americans, please stop whining. Sincerely, all Danes. (We pay 25% sales tax on everything)
Czechs pay 20% sales tax. Gas costs 7.6 USD per galon.
6.25% really doesn't seem so much. But yeah, I'm used to 20% in the UK!
Socialism is very expensive. Where has all the freedom gone?
Just because you guys have it worst doesn't mean we should accept this change. What kind of logic is that?
socialism? eh? if a 6.5% sales tax equates to socialism does that mean the UK is a fully fledged communist state? ;)
If after you add up all the different taxes, income, parole, sales, property etc. and more than half what you make goes to the government, yes that is socilaism when working people's money goes to those who did not.
+Søren Siim Nielsen Maybe you pay 25% because you guys "didn't whine enough". Don't blame those who "whine" against excessive taxes. Blame your compatriots who never "whined" and allowed you to be taxed at 25%.
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