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What about my CLIQ, Moto? Huh? What about me!
Just in time for my GNex to get Jelly Bean...
Yawn. For what is essentially a Google company, Moto could and SHOULD do better.
+Jeff Leger I hope your gnex isn't the Verizon version because that'll wait as long as anything else for 5.0
I agree +Jeff Leger I'm a bamf supporter myself but we will for sure have it first I just can't believe Verizon also ruined a nexus for the normal android fan wanting to have updates first
+Scott Merrihew I can't argue with that at all. I came to Verizon on the day the GNex came out, and this will be my last phone with them. Especially if the rumors about Google selling multiple styled unlocked Nexuses (Nexii??) are true. Love my Nexus, hate my carrier.
This is why going with a pure android phone is the way to go. Probably why we are starting to hear rumors of multiple nexus phones coming out with android 5.0 jelly bean. 
i just got the unlocked gsm nexus, i couldn't be more happy on tmobile no contract!!
I've been rocking ICS on my Bionic since December - thanks for nothin' Moto.
With every phone from vzw never getting updated I'm done complaining about the OEMs and on to hating Verizon
They really do seem uninterested in approving any OEM updates for their network - I guess they don't see the percentage in actually supporting phones when they can just sell you a new one in a year.
A year?!? Gnex hasn't been updated since day one! Its unbelievable that the gs3 will release with 4.0.4 and vzw nexus doesn't have it yet
This will not happen.
Hoping these delays are to wait for Google purchase to be final and then stock updates all around. I'd have a razr maxx with stock ics in a heartbeat
I think Android users should consider their Android purchase like buying a car. You will be alerted and updated for any major recalls or software bugs, but not version updates. You get want you buy and that's it. If you want the newest version of the OS, buy a Nexus device or switch mobile platforms.
I love it when I'm right.  I predicted six months ago my Bionic would be upgraded on September 31st.  I only got the Bionic because my OG droid died before the razr came out.  At least I can say it does run well.  I guess I'll just play with Jelly Bean on my Nexus 7 for now and not whine, because I never really expected my phone to be updated, after all, it's Verizon.
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