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here come the adds and games and apps and aaaaaaaaaaah
It usually costs Facebook that much to keep it up running. Expect Facebook to take to a dip in performance lol
Lucky developers. I think when they started the project they only spend thousands now they got a billion dollars :O
You thought iPhone users were pissed before!
Monopoly social network buys upstart social network? I wonder if there's the slightest possibility of antitrust review.
I read Zuckerberg's post on Facebook, they're running it as a separate company. They fully acknowledge the importance of keeping it the way it is. A lot of people are flipping for no reason, and I for one think the acquisition will be beneficiary to both networks.
Time to look out for alternatives. It was good to know you, Instagram.
Gerry T
Well this sucks, now all the poor people who can't even afford an android are going to be posting pictures of their poor people food. /sarcasm.
I have Instagram on my iphone for ages....I think I've used it 2-3 times....wouldnt notice if it was accidentally erased most likely...
Oh no! What's an Apple fanboy to do. First they were invaded by Android and hated it, and now being taken over by FB. Poor lil' Apples. They must be freakin! ;-)
I really thought they would be bought by Apple someday... I was wrong :)
Settings> Applications > Manage Applications> Instagram> Uninstall.
What does his mean to google+
+Matt Attwood from what I read, you won't need a Facebook account to sign in. So that's why I have no problem with it. If you have Facebook, I bet they will integrate the filter effects on their site, if you don't, then it's no big deal. But yeah they just ate Gowalla up and did nothing with it. Then again... I didn't really care much for Gowalla... #justsaying
Instagram was the app to have on the iPhone. I find it ironic (right word?) that Facebook buys this service and, on the iPhone, Facebook is no where near as integrated as, say, Twitter. Well, like Spotify, I got in before Facebook made it members-exclusive. Don't know if I'll continue using it if Facebook does to it in the same manner as it has been handling it native app in Android. What a horrible app. I guess I can say "bye-bye" to any future updates/upgrades to Instagram.
+les freeman actually unlocked and I think unsubsidized iPhones are somwhere around $645, but that doesn't change your point. And considering an iPhone 3GS is as cheap as any other low Android entry, I don't know where these "wealthy" iPhone users are coming from.
+Christopher Meredith Not at all the same thing and you know it. There is a self contained network which is why the app is so popular. It has nothing to do with filters at this point.
I really don't know who's worst in all this Instagram b.s., Android or iOs users. So many stupid people using smartphones.
+Chad Cesaro: No, I don't know it. All I know of Instagram is what I've seen on FB. Are you saying there's some kind of built-in Flickr-type element?
+CJ Porras I agree. I hate this Android vs iPhone comparison. I know a hell of a lot of broke iPhone owners. I feel sorry for people who are basing their status or worth on the value of relatively cheap cell phones. Apple actually has these fools believing that somehow they are "better" because of a basically two-year old (as far as features) OS.
Now iOS users have another reason to get mad other than it being on Android lol.
Could live quite well without the one-click instant retro "creativity" on g+
Idiots overpaid. Could have just downloaded it for free.
How long till they buy Pinterest and Path ?
Facebook is outmaneuvering Google at every turn right now. Google should have bought them. We'll see if they decide to act and snap up Pinterest now before it becomes unaffordable/unfeasible.
Ill stick with the creative kit on g+ where all my photos upload automatically anyway...
Brilliant, facebook with 4 billion in revenue buys a company with no revenue for 1 billion. I think they're laughing their ass of at Googlee about this panic move.
+Andy Geleff That would mean they think an instagram user is worth $37. Way too high since Instagram users have never even converted to anything. Instagram has almost no revenue.
Wow! I'm leaving Instagram instantly. Lucky there's still lightbox for android...
Fuck! Not good ... have to find a decent alternative ...
LOL. You're all hysterical and stupid.
Another reason for me nt to u use instagram
Again, will someone please explain to me why people here are saying they are going to uninstall this app. Is this a gang mentality thing or is there really a good reason to uninstall now? And how does this effect iPhone users more than others?
+Reginald Watkins Anything sold to Facebook just makes it worst. Skype was running excellent alone, Facebook bought part of the share know its expensive to call and skype on the phone is shitty as fuck. Anything Facebook touches turns into Crap.
whats a decent alternative to instagram?
+Numan Salati I prefer the built-in features of stock Android 4.0, but if you want an app that replaces Instagram for iPhone you can try PicPlz, Hipstamatic or Camera+. If you're on android I would recommend Lightbox, Camera360, Pixlr-o-matic, or Hipster.
+Reginald Watkins there first going to launch an update soon enough user's are going to experience changes.(money) Facebook do not want to loose a Subscriber so that's why they invested in instagram. FBxInstagram+User's= Money.
off topic example-->Just like iphone everyone wants one but prices are really expensive, carrier (sprint blah blah blah) have lost tons of customers( AT&T is really good with the upgrades with contracts and stuff) because people won't buy them. Now Iphone has turned to Pre-paid Carriers so they sell there product with no problem.<--- off topic
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