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Watch this: Portal gun brought to life in video short
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That is awesome! How much is that gun? I need to play with my friends 8))))
Is good to be good
Phenomenal... Not just the portal gun and special effects but the acting was spot on, it really made me want to believe.  I, honestly got the feeling that they were a bunch of morons playing around with a portal gun.
+The Verge well done could look a little more realistic at the portal and you could convince a lot of people that never seen this game lol. Fantastic job though exactly how it would play out at my house lol
I thought it was going to go down a wonderfully dark path when the guy reached terminal velocity. Really well done ^_^
Had I known those Think Geek portal guns worked, I would have bought one!
That was hilarious ;^)
dude iits fake u should wack my vidio
there is already a portal movie and this is awesome as well 
Now your having fun with portals.
lol that would suck to be the guy who kept going through the portals
They kept the lighting in the windows consistent too, wow.
Paula G
makes you think wow but video to long
That was cool. Are u going to attend any gun shows in NC?
That's mental! Very very clever guys! :o) 
How much faster would terminal velocity be when falling through two portals?  
Terminal velocity happens because air resistance cancels out the force of gravity, but falling through a portal, one would fall through the same section of air over and over.  So falling through the section would push some of the air along with you, decreasing the air resistance, I would think.
Fucking awesome! I would kill for one!! ^_^
Valve Lacks the Number 3. Think about Half-life, TF, and Portal.
Vy Tran
That so cool.
Lmao I'd make it a ride and charge for the ride
Really? you think it might be fake? Genius.
I want a portal gun!!!!!!!!!!!!
prea frumos ca sa fie adevarat :)
Great imagination, creativity and acting, this is totally cool.  Looks like a couple of guys in a garage creating a new thing for the first time.  The Wright Brothers come to mind when I saw this.  Keep on traveling☺

Joe Wei
rofl good times!
That was funny and awesome like i wish i had one:)

The free fall was without acceleration. He was falling too fast for a man falling from 20 ft. But too slow for a man 20x ft.
Someone give the Special FX guy a freakin' Oscar!!!
Syed, clearly you need to brush up on the dynamics of the time space continuum.
that wud be cool, IF IT WAS REAL! FAKERS!!!!!!
informericalize it! 
looks cool and WOULD be cool cool but i call bs.
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I like it -- how much does it retail for-- I want two incase one breaks... also, does it have instructions or do I just fire the trigger and does it take AA batteries as I have a bunch of those for my flashes... lmao
Jay Cox
VIDEO EFFECTS!!??? what the hell I thought this was real.
...PLEASE tell me all of you saying, "I thought this was real", are kidding. You are kidding, right?

And yes, this was very well done. They know what they're doing, that's for sure.
Very well done, good continuity between shots. I would also love to see a Portal Movie featuring real life people like that, inventing and messing with something awesome. Well done.
Do you have any idea how long I have wanted one of those, I remember a drunken conversation with my friend Karl.....................
nice were did u get that thing man 
y u so scared about a gun at the end!? just use the portal gun :P
I would have one in each of my favorite vacation hot spots and to a few bank vaults.
AAAAawwwwweesssome!!! i love portal
haha....that was really cool.
Pretty awesome but the acting was terrible
That is the most awesome video ever. You should totally give that to a producer and make it happen.
most realistic ever! but they would never release this to the public, only for war......
Its an amazing game... nice creative video, There should be a movie soon.
That video is awesome and funny, now I really want a portal gun
Brilliant loved the effects and comical value of this
scary. what would happen if tried on a person?
I know it's all editing, but damn that looked fun.  I was wondering how they were going to fix his terminal velocity.
I've seen a fair few of these portal gag films but this one is by far the best!
If I could do that I would be making a better sequel/Prequel to Donnie Darko
Awesome video... you shud create some more vids like this.. Thumbs up :)
Henry T
that was amazing...     loved it
Thats great work. Check out BARIO WORKS as well. Its great work. 
This is like so awesome. It would be worth the money to buy the portal gun if it was real
What a great vid!!

i would have yelled "SWEEEEEEET" except for one incongruity: all surfaces weren't coated in white conversion gel. I still think this film was awesome, though....
That's wild far out man I have to have 1
Lol I don't think he'd survive going that fast and being launched to the gate. Rofl. I think he would have hit the floor and tumbled till he slammed against the fence
Fake and gay, he so wouldn't have landed so easily.
Nathan, just admit you like it... -.-
+1 many times over...that's hilarious!
I sooooooooooooooo wish that were real!  If it were, I would hide a portal under my little brother's sheets, so when he climbs in bed, he'll fly out the portal I will have made outside!
this can be super strange if i ever did that as a 20 year old girl.and my name is Rebekah
Had a grin on my face the whole time, great effects!
Mac Mac
Amazing technology
Great video effects! As for those who say things like "fake", "not real", etc., go and hide yourselves. ;D
I want one. Great work with the graphics.
please Can i Have one too
Very Nice Vid
Hao Li
IDK dirp dirp dirp 
Outragiously Coolbeans...WOW SIMPLY AMAZING !! continue doing Fabulous,Creative Works and You will make it BIG :) !!! 
Freddie Wong's was funnier. (Google him )
Damn! That was awesome! I hope there is more to come!
Epic! Must've taken awhile to make
very interesting and very scary.
Tank M
Well Done!
Looks like I can have a lot of fun with that.
You guys must be into some serious digital animation cause the effects quality was superb
I want one...  So many uses.. 
is it really real or is it fake?do the walls come back together? And were and did you get it i want one! 
That was really realistic. Cool effects. Anyway if they were real I would get one strait away.
coool!!! once day that will be real :)
That's is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Quite impressive. The graphics was better then some movies i have seen.
Lol, looks like somebody's getting a foot in their ass.
Looks so real !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Chan Li
The best real lift portal gun video i have ever seen 
They did a fantastic job with the effects and realism of the portals.  I enjoyed this a lot :).  Thanks for the share!
Looks real guys, but we're not there yet, at least I hope

Good job creating a portal gun model and creating those highly realistic effect! I know that those gun are toys, they do have effect, but in reality they do not make any portal! It just the video effect that cause the people to look like they go from a place to the other and that cause the portal! But for how impressive and all that talent, I'm rating it five stars! 
that was awesome these guys are good at making this look real
I feel wired I think its isnt real gun portal. I don't believe do that huhmm.
Wow, ridiculously impressive.
wow. fantastic!! really nice visual effect.
That is one of the coolest Portal Gun videos I have ever seen 
Flipen awesome you should do something about if trents are real

if you go to youtube and type in "i wish i had a portal gun" it's a music video about him wanting a portalgun but the end is horrible
that was awesome! Job well done guys.
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That was awesome! Well done!
Cool... Make it happen.. Awesome!!!
Looks cool, but phony.  I don't believe it's real.
that was cool.. but i would have to see that in person to believe it..
awesome visual effects!!! someone is becoming the next spielperg or cameron.
super kullllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll
For a mf to be falling from the second floor and land like eagal at that age cant be real, 1 of them niggas would've broke they ankles!
This is so Awesome!!! I had it awhile back and lost it... Glad it's back.!!
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