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Where I come from (the Internet), we call those types "Weeaboo scum", not Otakus.

Fact: All the Japanese they speak is femme. Because all they watch is cartoons for little girls.
Omg im sooo jealous about some of yhe guys rooms... i really enjoy reading it
TBH: 'Otaku' is a weird thing, for both the people in the culture and those outside of it. Those who love and embrace the culture, or sub-forms of it sometimes call themselves by that moniker. Some don't. Some who are brand new and just want to immerse themeslves in it sometimes call themselves by that as well. Yes there are the more disparaging names (Weeaboo, etc) for the pop-culture fanboy/fangirl folks. There are those out there who still connect with that old stereotypes as well. There are those that equate it with 'obsessed geek'.
A name or term is really only as effective as its group-confirmed meaning (not just internal to the group, but societal, or external to the group). A name/term this broad is effectively watered down and almost useless.
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