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"If you're booting Android on a toaster, we're not going to be focused on you."
- Microsoft IP attorney David Kaefer
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Coming up next: a smartphone that can toast bread
sorry, meant: a toaster that can make calls
There is no 'post-PC era'. It's a myth. when staff at +The Verge go to tech shows, they don't only bring a tablet or smart phone. Some tasks be shifted to these devices but most still can't and never will be.
+Paul Henning Indeed, If computers go away, how on earth will engineers design new devices? How will they write the software that run on them?
Sure until 1) A lot of people start buying those toasters or 2) Microsoft decides to get into the smart toaster market.
+Daniel Evans No one writes programs on a tablet. Or games seriously on a phone. PC's, especially the desktops, will be around for a long long time.
Steins Gate in the making here
+Danny Blair Just like WebTV was going to kill the PC for email checking and web surfing.
I read an article once about Microsoft planned to make a fortune from Embedded DOS once devices like Microwaves upgraded from 6502-based systems. But then Embedded Linux came along and I think most manufacturers chose that instead.
+Danny Blair The smart phone is dependent on carriers for internet. People still torrent from laptops or desktops, play games on them etc etc etc. Only if your out

If you wanted unlim data, you'd have to be tethered to wifi. Further more, when I run a program on a PC, Microsoft can't go and remove it from my machine because it violated "market" rules.
+Paul Henning - you know that Google can't remove anything you side load into an android device either right? All their kill switch is able to do is remove malicious apps downloaded from Google Play.
+Paul Henning pretty sure tons do, especially since they have to be able to do so in order to use alternate app stores such as the amazon app store (and a whole ton of people use that outside of kindle devices).
+Paul Henning the data cap is irrelevant to the platform you download from. Picture this. In two years time my phone will replace my company laptop. I'll come into work, dock it into an HDMI dock with USB ports etc, it'll be higher powered than the machine I use right now and all storage will be based in the cloud. What's so unfathomable about it. I agree that tactile interfaces, mice, keyboards can't be replicated on a phone's touchscreen but everything else certainly can.
I wonder when they say "Post-PC", do they specifically talk about Desktops or do they include laptops, notebooks, ultrabooks and chromebooks ???
+Paul Henning Technically we haven't even left the notebook age. Molsen's or yellow legal pads are still carried everywhere by both me and most of the people I work with. The flexibility of pen/pencil and paper are still difficult to replicate.
That sounds like the kind of snot-nosed remark that an ip attorney might make.
Is it post-pc or post-proprietary? I think people say "post-pc" to deflect from the real promise of the network.
Post-proprietary? Nope, we still have Apple + Microsoft, and we still have phone makers and chipset designers doing their proprietary thing.
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