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So you mean "All you need to know" except for all the things we really do need to is it truly $199 or $249, actual launch date, specs, etc, etc
What's in it, I wonder? Camera(s), screen resolution, etc?
One new paragraph with links to older articles about the tablet?
Nice to see! I can't wait til you can get a great tablet for around $100. This will help revolutionize education as well.
I am very excited for this tablet. disappointed with the delay. I would rther buy from google and put the nook and kindle apps on it than buy locked down fire.
I will still buy one of these, but I wish the screen was just a little bit bigger. I've tried out different sized tablets and I find the 8-9" sizes offer the best compromise (for me) between portability (weight / size) and usability.

Really annoyed that Samsung is really the only company making tablets this size, as they do not deserve my money.
Screen is too small for me. If it were 10", I'd be all over it.
Just get and Asus Prime it is as close to a Nexus tablet as it is going to get right now. Plus Asus is very good on updates, they updated both Transformers the day ICS was available for tablets, before even the Motorola Xoom got it.
Well my friend got his update after I got mine on the Asus Prime.......I guess it is different for everybody.
I wonder if it's possible for Google to ask for some help from the Developers at XDA/Modaco etc.. they can do some really awesome stuffs and proved it through their projects aswel- If Google could somehow collaborate with devs out there (I know they'd like to help out enthusiasticly for free taking out their time for the Android community as a whole too) then the next device/software would be one heavenly piece of art IMO!!
+David A. Martinez Sorry if I made it look like a "race" I was just stating that I got the update a couple days before the Xoom did.
IMO, they can pull this off if given a certain chance. I would like a three legged race between Apple, Microsoft and Google for the tablet space! Go competition for consumers!
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