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The SDK is very good for making one app to fit all devices. It gets a bit complicated with different screen sizes but it's possible.
Much needed initiative most apps looked rubbish on the xoom. We used to keep track of and share any new correctly formatted tablet apps as they were as rare as rocking horse shit in the early days.
"It gets a bit complicated with different screen sizes but it's possible" I can't see the grammar mistake in this sentence
+David Cano I changed "get's" to "gets". I'm from Germany so my English isn't perfect and we don't use apostrophes at all. 
+David Boshears No. We don't need them. I think you could somehow use them but nobody would take you serious. German is difficult enough as it is, doesn't need to get worse with apostrophes ;-)
+Michael Panzer ... OK, now everything makes sense. I totally agree with your statement about German grammar... so hard to learn. Pronunciation is easier though (in my opinion).
Is it me or this post on the dev blog is from July? How is that news?
Awesome! There is still room for improvement. 
They should force devs to follow the guidelines in order to get apps on the store. Too many poorly designed apps for Android.
The phone apps look terrible scaled up to the Nexus 7 (I'm looking at you, Zynga). Auto scaling only takes you so far.
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