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I made a joke on an earlier post: "1.5 million worth? What's that, like three?"

The actual number is even more comical.
#Apple  UMAD!!!!

I hope they find the people that did this and put them away for a good long time.
Nicolas B
Bad tastes thieves...
Bread Chu
Fast and Furious! Vin Diesel must did this case lol
I thought theives were a little more intelligent than this: Apple will just remotely disable the whole of them! 
you dont need tobe connected to itunes nor wifi to do that anymore tho :o
Time for apple to ship products from America factories
Why is it a sad reality? It's an obvious reality. Did you think thieves would think "oh, don't nick that, it may be worth hundreds, but some poor little child in the third world might need that iPad for tweeting.." I don't get why it's a sad reality? It's quite a natural reality. We walk around with equipment worth $600 in our bags. Thieves will want to nick that. 
This is probably some elaborate marketing scheme for Grand Theft Auto V.  If I were Apple, I'd be posting men around every Pay & Spray in the area.
So what's that add up to, like 10 iPads were stolen?  Big deal.  :)
apple probably stole them back because they know they suck
I hope they find the thieves.... and give them some proper android Nexus 7 tablets.....
Jim Lee
it was Robin Hood
+George Koklas Thieves are not dumb enough to use them...
They will be selling them on ebay etc. and some iDiots will be buying them..
After all the stuff Apple has stolen, charge it to the game! 
Jim Lee
also, had they successfully stolen all five pallets, they would (almost) have over 9000 iPads. The best laid schemes of mice and men...
Apple will have a way to brick those. Don't they?
Has anyone checked Samsung 's pockets?
ive been in that airport i dont know how somebody stole 3600 mini ipads. thees alot of security
This kind of stuff has been going on since that airport was known as Idlewild Airport in the 50's.......
If it isn't iPads, they steal shipments of food, other electronics - just Google it.  
jailbreak it, change the MAC address... unless it has some other lo-jack going on, but I doubt it does.
These guys had to be professional with some help from an insider 
Maybe they were saving the buying public and they destroyed them? 
its not a minor news. we have to sirious about this,,,,,,,,,,
They can have them , no one likes rotten fruit anyway , 
In light of Apple's classy court actions lately, one would wonder if it's an insurance job.
They'll get to the public sooner, not later as is suggested in the article. A lot of happy people will pick them up for less than half price.  :)
A dream to come true for many.....owning ipad at a throw away price!
A dream to come true for many.....owning ipad at a throw away price!
$1.5 millions in Apple products ? OMG thats like 150 iPads !!!!
Comments of many persons shocked me becsuse they seem happy from what happened 
Should be some cheap ipad mini's around soon ;-)
Pity no one wants them. Should have gone for the crate next door which said nexus 7!
If anyone steals my iPad mini, I will be the shit out of them 
Not worth stealing u couldnt give me one

They make great door stops if you stuff them in the doorjamb,
lol so they will get sold on the black marked apple will track them down and send the police to get the property back
Then again I prefir to steal game consoles then tablets personally...Tablets are pretty useless actually.
jfk has had alot of theft has for years...
Gonna keep my eye on CL for one of those. 
have you guys seen the walmart video on ipads being thrown?
416 bucks for each one?  Nah - I dont think so.....
+Marat Yasnogor How would that be revenge? if i were someones crap i would be in a more uncomfortable spot then they are.

jk. i know you meant beat.
Well, it's a damn good thing that the Transportation Safety Administration and Homeland Security were there to not prevent this abhorrent crime.
there was a cute girl going threw the scanners :)
What is an ipad? you having a joke man.
Who cares, it's a scam by Apple to produce more publicity. 
Sorry I am French. I take it that it is a pad for the eye, why would someone steal these, they are only 20 francs here in Gasparet
Uh oh, I just bought 3600 iPad mini's. Houston, we have a problem.
Reatards I mean on a serious note why?! There is no point unless you are a cheapo idiotic
How is this even possible in a country that forced the rest of the world to introduce naked body scanners?
The one's who stole those iPads better not get caught, otherwise they will need to do real jailbreaking, lol.
All of them were surely insured! 
:)))next week you can find them in the Bulgarian parliament
Today this tomorrow that which one is good
CQ Huff
such a fucked up world
Wonder if Ray Liotta is in the shower somewhere screaming "Jimmmmmmmmmmmmmyyyyy!!!!!!!"
They actually think they won't get caught? Funny
Too bad I don't want one. 
all those Chinese slave workers made them just so they could be stolen.
nice! Apple should ban all those ipads from their app store :)
Good news they were taken, whose stealing what here?? As apples priced these at £300+ which is daylight robbery. So well done and £150 sounds better lol
If you find someone on Craigslist selling it brand new or the St...
U have an idea where it comes from
Leo T
Hijacking (cargo) at JFK is nothing new. Organized crime has been doing for years.
Even thieves know Apple products are more in demand. GSiii can be had for 99cents with a 2 year contract. 
exactly! they aren't going to get much money out of an apple product, these stupid bints have a lot to learn about quality
Well...... Apple robs people of their money every day and nobody complains but they get robbed and it turns into a man hunt..... What goes around comes around. 
Anybody wanna buy an iPadmini? I got about $1.5 million worth.
These were clearly android users! They were to ashamed to get caught in an apple shop, after dissing the Macs, but secretly dreaming of getting one for christmas!!!!
Stupid thieves. Should have gone for Nexus 10 shipments.
Its time apple put good tracking system on Idevice 
Thieves are not professional band
Jim Lee
IMO, stealing them is the easy part. Moving 3600 units without getting caught is the hard part. Also, heists are badass; I would be tempted to try something like this without any concern for monetary gain
Probably the only way Apple can make money off them, report them "stolen" to their insurance company....
As soon as they connect to the app store they will get busted.
this probably explains all the spam selling them for $30 each?
That was inside job ,j
Many people were involved
Least? Someone has a job ? In this world? L.o.l.
+Stephen Hind apple doesnt disable stolen property.. they actually do the exact opposite.. and change/give it a new id number(the number thing is called) to allow it to be given to the new account.. if they would stop acting like they have no idea what they mean and actually shut them off and oh i dont know enable its GPS for the police theft of apple products would greatly go down.
Cant afford one anyway? When ur out of a job? Right people?welcome too? The usa???
So how much did apple pay these guys to take out the trash?
I thought Henry Hill was dead?
They do realize each one of those have unique serial numbers right?
For me that nonsense talk, isn't same technology that was used to produced those ipad? Why dont you use same technology to intrude the service or access code of these ipad. Because you guyz have all the secrat code on desk, so why not make it useless... 
For me that nonsense talk, isn't same technology that was used to produced those ipad? Why dont you use same technology to intrude the service or access code of these ipad. Because you guyz have all the secrat code on desk, so why not make it useless... 
+Jake Adams yea but unless cops plan on checking every person's serial number. it doesnt matter.
Jay A
who cares about iPad Mini anyway? Won't trade my Galaxy Tab 7.7 for that! Super Amoled Plus... yeah, baby, yeah!
i have a google / asus nexus 7 ... it's nice.
3,600 iPad minis == $1.5 million (anyone else see the problem with this?)
ha i love the ipad mini its useful than the ipad reg, to lug around a big computer, little is smart then huge
I'm gonna call bullshit on this, how do you steal 3600 boxes without being seen or heard?....
3600 people might get an iPad at a reasonable price then
In other news.. 1.5 million dollars of iPad mini's were returned to the local best-buy store.
That was stupid.  Apple has the serial numbers for every device stolen.  As soon as someone tries to activate one, apple will just brick the device (and that is assuming that Apple doesn't download tracking software that identifies the user's ip and reports it to the police).  it's only a matter of time before these thieves are busted.
Well we know it wasn't the TSA lol they can barely coordinate bathroom breaks, much less a theft like this.........
Now Apple will create an app that will called "Theft Away," which causes it to become an iPad shuffle (cuz no one cares about those)
Apple should use there new Maps to find them!! 
theives prominently switch on Apple Maps to see where they are, walk into Google HQ, killed and eaten by Androids :)
Just load them with Unbutu and the functionality will double 
Reminds me of the old Lufthansa heist from the 1970's as featured in Goodefellas.
The thieves posted that they sent it back to china because it was an apple product. They thought it was android devices instead of apple!!!! Lmao
"What's hot and recommended?"

3,600 stolen iPad minis, that's what.
So sales of iPad minis (counted by products that have left the warehouse) must have doubled or tripled! Or maybe apple just needed the free advertising... #nexus7
I forgot my Nexus 7 in a public cafe... about 30mins i got back to the place... it is still there..

Glad i get Nexus 7 nobody will steal it.

It it were Droid-tabs, well, those would have reached their intended destinations. unwanted?

Jarek W
Hopefully thieves will sell them for 250 $ each. The honest price for iPad. ..
Its a phablet can just as well buy Note 2
Oooh!measures must be taken
Is that at cost price or at the retail price because we all know you could cut that by at least 3/4 if its retail
Ladrón que roba a ladrón tiene 100 años de perdón 
$1.5 million is only 3,600 iPad Minis! Stealing money or gold is not needed when these cost so much. 
Street value = 1.49 million
I'll take two please, they would make nice book ends!!!
How they manage to get em all?
Find thieve
Give ipad to apple
Give thieve kindlefire
What a waist of taking the chance of going to jail. Real bad asses!

Shouldn't that say either thieves steal $712.8k or else $787.2k in apple pads? Either you gain the cost of the product or they lose profffff... no the only number is $712.8k.
omg that's so expensive for that much money money i could buy like 25 ghetto houses
Wow @Gerald Hines math isn't your strong suit!
I didn't know they actually could have that kind of stock with all the foxcomm beatings going on
iPad mini is a joke... They probably gonna ship it back to china to save you guys from buying it. 
whats the point. might as well get an i phone or i pod touch for less
Stolen... Maybe they need to start looking at "lost and found" office on airport :-) 
The comments below that article are a hoot.
Should be easy to track w/ serial numbers / machine address (mac address) if, when they sync.
Oh yeah... that's why 94% of the fortune 500 cos use em... Jason... wake up!
+Donald Legion ty. No, just "borrow" picture from Internet long time ago and its still one of my favorite. :-)
But if you know person which made this pic let me know, couldn't find it.
Apple has been stealing money from million of people, I don't mind this.
What a great fire i would do with them ; )
I think a lot of you just hating. You can't hate in something you don't have. I'm a apple user & really don't want to use anything else. 
u mean to tell me they just let people walk in there 
Lol thats hilarious... didnt think ppl could pull off a hiest like that in this day of heightened airport security 
That would be cool if they gave them to the poor Chinese children that have to manufacture them.
Apple only said they were stollen. But in reality the people came up and smashed them for the fact that there over priced and more like paper weights.
Yeah just think if the terrorists that stole them also left a bomb! Where's the freakin airport security, oh that's right searching everybody at the front gate!
Oh sorry do you want the iPads back? I have them in my bathtub... They just finished their bath... I know, it's awesome... Super-hygienic iPads!!! 
My guess is Apple took 1 look at the Nexus 7 figures and decided to have them stolen to try and recoup there losses via the insurance company. 
Ya they will. How? Carefully. :)3
I heard the thieves each got an iPad mini for personal use. However, they used iMaps so they got lost. And those who did manage to find their way back home were all imprisoned - they were tied to the proprietary stuff. What inhumane punishment! 
Time to shop cheap iPad mini on Craigslist 
Holy crap - they stole a product that will only be good for 8 more months - kinda like stealing a VHS
Stupid thieves. You're just gonna have to upgrade next year! Ha ha.
1.5 million dollars of iPad minis? I thought they would actually take more than a few overpriced pieces of crap.
this out raguse peaple cant handle responce abilaty
Holy cow I hope authorities catch the goons fast
ter nea
It figures.... "airport security/national security" is a joke. Stupid people doing stupid things...  as usual!    Oh we...
This explains why my iPad mini will be delayed another week! :-)
Remember Goodfellas? Wouldn't the serial numbers be encoded in the devices? If someone used one, could it be traced?
Was their any security video of the Ocean's Eleven crew?
cRapple have gotten away with daylight robbery for magical years.
I am glad that mine wasn't. I just got mine delivered today. 
I dont see why its impractical to steal ipad minis. their expensive and rather hot on the market, so sellng that many would bring in an hefty fortune.
Somebody's in the bronxs on the corner getting paid !
Clearance of ipad mini's on ebay :P
thieves like ipad becz u can't find them using
i hope they throw them, in the garbage lol.
Not a whole lot of respect for apple any more. Their computers and iPhones are the only ones that stand out. The iPad and the mini have been severely unimpressive. I was never a fan of tablets either, to me, they either fit in your pocket, or its just another target for a thief to run by and grab from your shoulder. 
Theo A
Do the thieves work for Wal-mart, I wonder?  Have they need of restocking what they've thrown?
The scoundrals will still ask the buyer to pay a premium to buy one.  

The thieves will too.
They should called heros for disposing of overpriced low quality products...they saved the lives of helpless souls that would had fell victim to Apple's inferior hardware. Heros...the lot of them! Lmao. 
Security guard was late to work at the shift change, reportedly "got misdirected following maps in iOS 6". 
Sam Bao
the thief must be celebrating a very good, and early Christmas.
I wouldn't be surprised if it was part of an Apple's marketing dirty scheme. 
We had more than a hundred galaxy note 2 stolen from our KLIA too... 140 sth.... guess the thieves here are smarter and have better taste :P
it is sad to see this happen... where are the security in the air port? An inside job, perhaps?
On the other hand, 1.5million over 176 billion of Apple... the number is insignificant...
Hey people need chopping boards man 
I feel sorry for the thieves, 3,600 Nexus 7s would be much better ;)
These opinions about theft devices, FINE your humanity from stealing the Zionists to Palestine nationalist, my understanding since the occupation of stealing everything from water and even the air, Israel is using tax money levied by your government in the theft of land, and the killing of children, this is civilization?
+Mohad Khaled
Did not see this coming.... Very well. Both of you have to grow up. Period.
It would only have been $1 million of iPads if Apple didn't make them so damn expensive
Anyone want to buy an ipad mini??
but using apple is a very sweet feeling
Henry Hill is back! And so is the rest of the Goodfellas! Jimmy, Tommy and Paul! 
You people who think they can track them are stupid... YEAH maybe they can but no thief is gonna be dumb enough to turn it on... What thief needs 3600 iPads? NONE! They are never gonna open them, sell them on eBay or on the streets to some misinformed dude for a nice price and they guy is gonna be like " I got such a good deal from this nice fellow!" And then apple will find it and be like "FUCK YOU!" And turn off the iPad... Leaving the thief that much more paid and the poor fool out of his hard earned money.
Apple stole them as they aren't selling to get the money front insurance! Ps that is not a fact just an opinion pls don't do me for liable
Doesn't say much for the security measures at this airport. If it was an inside job, let's count ourselves lucky it was only thieves they let in.
Where can I order one? I need a door stopper. Serous buyer here. ;)
If you we're to steal, steal something worth more
A friend of mine got his electronics stolen from his bag while in transit in JFK. US should do something about this.
Finally i can get one for a decent price...
just kidding of course ill buy Android
Apple will just raise the price on the new new iPad mini mini to make up the difference
Maybe Samsung stole them so that they could learn about the build quality.
The consumers are gonna be the victims if everyone assumes that Apple will lock those stolen products from working at all. :( In a sense, they're screwing their own fan base.
Oy, oy! Stop bad mouthing the thieves. They have stopped many of those atrocities from landing on us innocent consumers' hands.. First Walmart employees destroying iPads and now this. I finally feel that we're entering an era of peace. 
That day... Not a single fuck was given.
Oh that's so sad hope they catch the thieves 
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